Christo Kutrovsky

“Performance tuning is in my blood. I find it fascinating because it’s about solving the trickier problems—the solutions are very specific and the results are immediate. You can’t afford to make assumptions. You have to be scientific.”

The Scientist

An Oracle ACE with deep understanding of databases, application memory and input/output interactions, Christo is expert at optimizing the performance of the most complex infrastructures. Methodical and efficiency-oriented, he equates the role of a Pythian Consulting Group consultant in many ways with that of a data analyst: both require a rigorous sifting-through of information to identify solutions to often large and complex problems. A dynamic speaker, Christo has delivered presentations at the Independent Oracle Users Group, the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG), the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, Oracle Open World and other industry conferences.


  • Performance tuning
  • Infrastructure troubleshooting
  • Oracle instrumentation
  • Dtrace/strace
  • Stack tracing
  • Profiling
  • Clustered configurations of Oracle RAC and ASM
  • Automatic SGA and PGA management features of Oracle 10G and beyond
  • Big data and Hadoop

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