Gwen Shapira

“It surprises our clients sometimes that we can come in one day to help them write Java code and the next day solve a hardware storage issue. Part of what sets our team apart is that crosscutting skill base. We’re not generalists. We’re experts in multiple fields.”

The Optimizer

When one of the largest private financial institutions in the United States needed help migrating to Oracle 11g, it called on Gwen Shapira. She’s an expert in high-scalability systems. She knows Oracle Real Application Clusters inside-out and practically makes performance tuning an art form—working in even the most complex environments. Today, it’s Big Data that has her attention, and the advent of non-relational database technologies such as NoSQL. Based in California, she networks regularly with leading startups to keep abreast of the very latest technology developments. And as a board member of the North California Oracle User Group, she frequently speaks at Oracle conferences.


  • Oracle Database (9i, 10g, 11g)
  • Performance tuning (database and query)
  • PL/SQL development
  • SQL development and business reporting
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Streams
  • Netapp storage
  • Oracle Data Guard implementation
  • Oracle ASM
  • Unix systems including Linux, Solaris and AIX
  • Perl and BASH scripting
  • Oracle Grid Control customizations
  • MySQL administration
  • Hadoop, Big Data


  • Oracle ACE Director
  • Board of North California Oracle Users Group
  • OakTable Network


  • Oracle Certified Associate 10g
  • Oracle Certified Professional 10g
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library v3
  • Cloudera Hadoop Certified Administrator and Developer

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LinkedIn: Gwen Shapira
Twitter: @gwenshap


  • What’s the Big Deal with Big Data, IOUG Select Journal, Second Quarter 2012
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance, NoCOUG Journal, May 2012
  • Mastering SSH, IOUG Select Journal, Third Quarter 2011
  • Large number of white papers and presentations: