Yury Velikanov

Yury is an Oracle e-Business Team Technical Lead working remotely from Sydney, Australia. He is a hardworking and friendly team member. He is respected by his workmates for his 15+ years’ experience in the field, endless energy and a positive attitude. He is an Oracle Certified DBA in 7,8,9,10g,11g versions and 9i,10g,11g Oracle Certified Master. Yury’s current focus areas are Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Backup & recovery.

He contributes to Oracle Community a lot. Recently he got involved in RAC SIG as International Chair. He is active in a social media and often presents on Oracle related conferences. Yury is always happy to have an Oracle related conversation. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have a good technology related question or just to say hi.

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