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Keith Millar, Vice President, Sales

Keith Millar has been helping people optimize their data centers and businesses over the last two decades. Today, Keith uses his expertise to enable companies and organizations to grow by prioritizing their problems and solving them pragmatically.

Prior to Pythian, at Quest Software, Keith helped many large enterprises optimize their data centers with software and services. Stand-out clients included Boeing, Motorola, UBS, and Charles Schwab. While with Quest, Keith was responsible for leading the team that was responsible for all new and existing products for the Microsoft platform. Revenues grew from $10 million to $50 million during this 2000 to 2003 period. Keith has also worked in business development at Liquid Computing, where he positioned and sold their innovative converged computing and communications system.

In his past lives, Keith has carried groceries, built transmissions for Saab automobiles in Sweden, and has landed Boeing 737 jet aircraft in severe windshears. Keith has had several articles published in IT magazines and holds an engineering degree and an MBA. He enjoys skiing, golfs well below his capabilities, and is currently trying to teach his son how to ride his bike.

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