As experts in Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database administration, we’ve developed our own software solutions to answer specific business needs in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible. The following tools are included free with our service:

Support Track: Web-based system interaction tracking

Management Reports: Customizable reports on DBA activity

AVAIL: Sophisticated availability monitoring system

DBA Dailies: Proactive database health tracking system

Time Tracking: Advanced DBA time tracking functionality


Support Track

What You Need: Work Documentation
To get the most out of your DBA resources, all database-related work needs to be documented. This helps minimize the effects of DBA turnover and allows the team to re-use methods and techniques in the future.

Pythian’s Solution
Support Track is our secure, web-based tracking and reporting solution that documents every interaction with your database environment.

Management Reports

What You Need: Activity Tracking
You need to know how your DBA staff spends their time so that you can manage your resources effectively and make sound management decisions, such as re-organizing your staff or revising your budget.

Pythian’s Solution
Support Track’s customizable Management Reports enable you to track Pythian’s activity by any parameter you choose. For example, you may want to track DBA activity by business application, by profit center, by server, by technical category … the options are limitless.


What You Need: Database Availability Monitoring
You know the cost of downtime. You need to ensure the highest level of database availability for your end users and know that availability is being monitored at all times.

Pythian’s Solution
Our sophisticated availability-monitoring system is highly customizable. AVAIL verifies the health of your database by connecting once every minute to test for a variety of potential client-specific database and operating system problems. When an anomaly is detected, AVAIL automatically pages your DBA on call, ensuring trouble is dealt with before it impacts the business.

DBA Dailies

What You Need: Proactive Monitoring to Prevent Emergencies
You need to know that your databases are performing as they should from day to day and that there are no problems building up over time that could lead to performance problems or downtime.

Pythian’s Solution
Through DBA Dailies, we track the smallest of details of your database, keeping an eye on the dozens of parameters generated by your DBMS and your operating system.

Time Tracking

What You Need: Time Tracking By The Minute
You need to know your money is being well spent with nothing wasted on set fees, hourly billing or “rounding up”. You want to pay for the time our DBAs spend actively working on your system and not a minute more.

Pythian’s Solution
Sophisticated time tracking functionality is built into Support Track to document every minute of time our DBAs spend on your database. You know exactly how long an activity took and are billed by the minute accordingly.