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It’s been just over three months since the April 2009 MySQL Users Conference and Expo. It took a while for the files to be processed, and then uploaded to www.technocation.org, and then I found out that the online streaming was not working properly. So I started playing with things, re-encoding some videos, updating the software, but to no avail.

Just as I was about to give up I got notification that Technocation, Inc. was accepted into YouTube‘s not-for-profit program, which allows movies larger than 10 minutes to be uploaded and viewed advertisement-free.

So then I had to upload the videos to YouTube and add descriptions.

So with no *further* delay, here are all the videos from the 2009 MySQL Conference and 2009 MySQL Camp:

The brief description — just the playlists:
Conference playlist (16 videos):

Camp playlist (6 videos):

The longer description – each video with title, presenter(s) and link:
MySQL Camp:
Keynote: The State of Open Source Databases
Brian Aker (Sun Microsystems)

Top 10 MySQL Pet Peeves and How to Workaround Them
Jeremy Zawodny

Intro to XtraDB, a Scalable InnoDB-based Storage Engine
Ewen Fortune (Percona)

Grand Tour of the Information Schema and its Applications
Roland Bouman

Chasing Bottlenecks
Morgan Tocker (Percona)

InnoDB Database Recovery Techniques
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

MySQL Conference:

Tutorial: Understanding How MySQL Works by Understanding Metadata
Sheeri K. Cabral (The Pythian Group), Patrick Galbraith (Lycos Inc.)
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Uv_4I9gus
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3IBVsYGdtA

Using the Event Scheduler: The Friendly Behind-the-Scenes Helper
Giuseppe Maxia (Sun Microsystems Inc), Andrey Hristov (SUN Microsystems)

Starring Sakila: Data Warehousing Explained, Illustrated, and Subtitled
Roland Bouman (XCDSQL Solutions / Strukton Rail), Matt Casters (Pentaho Corp.)

Map/Reduce and Queues for MySQL Using Gearman
Eric Day (Sun Microsystems), Brian Aker (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Unleash the Power of Your Data Using Open Source Business Intelligence
Christopher Lavigne (Breadboard BI, Inc.)

Tricks and Tradeoffs of Deploying MySQL Clusters in the Cloud
Thorsten von Eicken (RightScale, Inc)

Beginner’s Guide to Website Performance with MySQL and memcached
Adam Donnison (Sun Microsystems)

Advanced Query Manipulation with MySQL Proxy
Kay Roepke (Sun Microsystems)

If You Love It, Break It: Testing MySQL with the Random Query Generator
Philip Stoev (Sun Microsystems)

The ScaleDB Storage Engine: Enabling High Performance and Scalability Using Materialized Views and a Shared-Disk Clustering Architecture
Moshe Shadmon (ScaleDB)

SPIDER Storage Engine: Database Sharding by Storage Engine
Kentoku SHIBA (ST Global.,Inc)

Optimizing MySQL Performance with ZFS
Allan Packer (Sun Microsystems), Neelakanth Nadgir (Sun Microsystems)

Improving Performance by Running MySQL Multiple Times
Martin “MC” Brown

High Performance Ruby on Rails and MySQL
David Berube (Berube Consulting)

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Sheeri Cabral
July 30, 2009 4:33 pm

In case anyone is wondering about videos from the Percona conference:

1) The videos above are all ones that either were taken by either myself or Augusto Bott.

2) Technocation has extended the invitation to Percona to utilize their resources for the videos from the Percona conference. This includes the YouTube account, but there has been no response from the Percona folks (which is OK, they’re busy, and the YouTube account was only approved July 9th, and Percona was informed during an IM conversation).

The offer is, of course, still open, to Percona and to anyone else that has videos that they’d like to make freely available to the public, that fall within the not-for-profit mission of Technocation, Inc – “To provide educational resources and monetary grants for IT professionals.”

Antony Curtis
July 30, 2009 9:14 pm

I have no idea if the two presentations I did at the conference were recorded. Like the year before, I believe I checked the box to indicate I was ok with it being recorded … and that one eventually appeared (I believe it is linked to on MySQLforge).


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