Log Buffer #284, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Sep 2, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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This Log Buffer Edition is encompassing various blogs across the Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL arenas. Enjoy!


Dimitrios Stasinopoulos was trying to install new Guest Additions to VirtualBox4.1.14 to 4.1.18, and all of a sudden…

Denes Kubicek has a good blog post about APEX 4.2.

Jonathan Lewis blogs about the bugs once again.

Alex Antonatos shares tips to thrive in our knowledge-based economy.

Ahmed Bilal explains how to fix the issue “one or more transformations used by the matching rule have not been staged“ in iSupplier.

SQL Server:

Melissa Coates has a gem of a blog post about resolving missing records in SSIS from Oracle source.

Shuan Stuart recently upgraded Great Plains from version 10 to Dynamics GP 2010 and ran into some difficulties with the upgrade hanging.

In the database design, size does matter, says Thomas LaRock.

Mike Hillwig carries on with his series on “How Not to be a Cranky DBA”.

Michael Swart is sharpshooting query plans from the cache.


What is the MySQL Performance Schema and why is it needed? Jesper Krogh has the answer.

The MySQL database administration and development is a very interesting field to be in. If you’ve ever thought about taking your career into that field, then here is a guide that might help you get started.

Webyog is having a BOM BOM BOM moment.

Falko Timme is creating simple virtual hosts with mod_mysql_vhost on Lighttpd (Ubuntu 12.04).

Todd Farmer blogs about the deprecated ignore_builtin_innodb in MySQL 5.6.

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