Active support for MySQL 5.0 ends soon

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According to the official lifecycle calendar at, active support for MySQL 5.0 (including regular binary updates) will end on December 31st, 2009, which is about 3 weeks away.

Many folks are still using MySQL 5.0.45, as until October that was the package that came with RedHat. That was released in July 2007, over 2 years ago!

Upgrading to MySQL 5.1 is not difficult, though it requires more steps than just upgrading the packages.

There is a list with all the changes made that might affect the upgrade process at This includes which variable names have been deprecated and changed, as well as how to upgrade stored procedures, functions, triggers and views so they work properly in MySQL 5.1.

I hope this helps folks out, and please feel free to ask any questions. Pythian is available to assist you in the upgrade process, just contact us if you want to engage our help.


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My problem with MySQL 5.1 that in the default ubuntu linux pacakages at least 5.1 does half the speed what 5.0 did with the very same my.cnf. I have no idea, I tried to follow some advices to optimize settings, but no luck. So we will stay at 5.0 …


I releases of MySQL are getting delayed than the expected dates so the active support may extend…


Suresh — releases of MySQL are *not* getting delayed. There are releases monthly, just see:


So I doubt they will extend the lifecycle.

LGB — Pythian can help with that too — there have been several bugs that have tripped up people. You should submit bugs, or look for them in the MySQL database. One particular one that we’ve seen that makes queries worse is fixed in MySQL 5.1.37, and it’s shown in these bugs:

We can help you figure out what the problem is, if it’s not the above….that’s exactly what we do for our customers!


MySQL 5.0.45 being the default for RedHat till October is only true for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5. The current MySQL versions supported (non end of life’ed) RedHat Enterprise Linux are 5.0.77 for RHEL5, 4.1.22 for RHEL4, and 3.2.58 for RHEL3.

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