Advert: Few Oracle Database Appliances at Significant Discount

Aug 29, 2012 / By Alex Gorbachev

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This blog is a little bit self-serving, and I normally wouldn’t post it, but I think that it would be an awesome deal for those of you who are thinking of buying an Oracle Database Appliance now. We have several just two brand new, unopened ODAs left in our inventory that we need to move. Half of them are gone to our customers, but there are few still left. We are not really interested in holding onto them while somebody else can put them to good use, so we have very very (did I say very?) good price. :) Limited time offer, as they say.

We can do even better that what you can see. ;)

If you’ve been following my blogs — I’m a big fan of ODA because of its simplicity, reliability, cost, and unique flexibility in number of licensed CPU cores. I think it’s an awesome platform to run small to mid range RAC cluster environments. With the price we have, you can get even more savings right now.

One of our first ODA deployments was for the client that experienced a series of hardware failures that rendered one of their internal system completely unavailable on Thursday. We got an ODA in their data center ready to take the load on Monday of the following week, with RAC and all bells and whistles setup. It’s that quick and easy — a few hours after delivery, and it’s ready to go.

Here are some additional details on ODAs if you missed them previously:

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