Alex Gorbachev comments on Exadata & Oracle Database Machine

Sep 24, 2008 / By Paul Vallee


Here’s a cool video of Alex Gorbachev commenting on the Ellison announcements today to Oracle corporate communications, just moments after the end of the keynote:

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One Response to “Alex Gorbachev comments on Exadata & Oracle Database Machine”

  • After talking to few people, it seems that Oracle hasn’t been planning on using Oracle VM with HP Oracle Database Machine so it might take a while until it’s available and supported.

    Also, it doesn’t seem like Oracle Standard Edition licensing is available for HPODM. On the other hand, I read on Oracle web site that it’s possible to buy hardware separately from HP and license whatever is needed from Oracle.

    Exadata Database Servers (HP DL360 G5 unit) has 2 quad-core sockets so 8 cores in total. This can be licensed as Standard Edition 4 CPU’s license as far as I recall (though, there were some changes in SE licensing terms in the last few months).

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