Alex Gorbachev Presenting at InSync09

Apr 16, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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InSync09 is the first conference in Australia focused on Oracle applications which in the past few years multiplied immensely in numbers — e-Business Suite, JD Edwards, JD Edwards, Hyperion, Siebel, BEA, PeopleSoft. There is also significant focus on SOA.

I submitted couple abstracts and one of them has been accepted so if you are attending InSync09 next week then I’ll see you there! Make you you find me to say hello — they plan to have quite a crows there with up to 500 people.

The presentation that I’m doing is titled “Making Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Highly Available”. It’s more an architectural paper to show what are the paths and how to plan the environment for high availability and what technologies can be used. Obviously, I will touch some of the DBA friendly topics like RAC and DataGuard but it definitely won’t be focused on the database tier only. It’s actually going to be quite an experience as I’m not really an Apps DBA myself so learning curve has been quite steep. I do, however, have good advisers in this are so it should be fine.

The rest of you who are not attending the conference, perhaps, you will make it tonight to the Sydney Oracle Meetup with Tanel Poder and Ric Van Dyke. In the end, what can be better in the current economy than free education topped up with free beer?

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5 Responses to “Alex Gorbachev Presenting at InSync09”

  • Hello Alex,

    Ping me if you have questions on EBS as my core focus besides RAC and HA is the EBS and Oracle Application Server suite. I have tons of experience with R12 and 11i for failover/DR. As you are soon discovering, EBS is a different animal entirely from a normal Oracle database.


  • Alex Gorbachev says:

    Thanks Ben. It’s no different than bunch of other legacy applications badly written without flexibility of configuring them properly with RAC and Data Guard.

    To properly manage OEBS workload, you have to do customizations to the profiles and even then there is little flexibility.

    MAA does give some guidance but that approach is simply calling to balance everything across all nodes – what a novell idea!

    Data Guard failover process is even worse – very cumbersome – which is a direct contradiction to DR requirements – must be simple!

  • I agree- but the thing for most of the current Fusion Middleware products including 10g Application Server and EBS is to account for the apps tier that need to be clustered. As you point out, it is cumbersome and messy business. But thats why they need consultants like us to provide this level of service. And yes, DG is pain for EBS since it only protects database tier, you still need to worry about the apps tier issues. If you lose that, you are dead in water since EBS is so heavy on the web and apps tiers. And DG does not protect against that loss.

  • Alex Gorbachev says:

    Well, 12.1 seems to have completely up to date tech stack or so one mate told me here.

    I have few ideas about Apps tier and MAA has some recommendations as well…

  • Yes, indeed, 12.1 has many bug fixes/enhancements for EBS. Some features which don’t work in 12.0.0 now work in 12.1. Maybe we can chat about these things at OOW when I run into you at the ACE lounge.


    PS: I met one of your colleagues today at Oracle HQ- a VP of Sales.

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