An SSH tool to make your life easier

May 13, 2010 / By Sheeri Cabral

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A MySQL user group member saw that I use Poderosa as my ssh-on-Windows tool, and asked why I did not use PuTTY. My response was that I like having tabbed windows and hate having to keep opening another PuTTY program every time I want to open another connection. With Poderosa I can open a new connection with Alt-N, and I can even connect directly to Cygwin with an icon.

But Poderosa is not the tool I wanted to mention….Another user group member mentioned PuTTY Connection Manager. It wraps around PuTTY and gets the existing saved connections, makes a nicely tabbed browsing window where you can open sessions by double-clicking the connections, which are now listed on the right-hand side.

See screenshot below:

I have not played with other features such as sending a command to multiple windows, but even just having this is a HUGE win.

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  • aachleon says:

    My new (to me) favorite ssh client for windows is Mobaxterm. It’s more than just an ssh client (it’s portable cygwin plus some). It too allows multiple tabs and managing multiple ssh session connectivity info feels simple and native to a unix user (you just configure your .ssh/config file).

  • Chen Shapira says:

    I tried using PuttyCM, but ran into two issues:
    1) It seems to be saving the password in some cases, making it unsecure.
    2) It would go into windows foreground and backgrounds in ways I found unexpected and confusing. It was just too frustrating to use.

    I’ll give Ponderosa and Mobaxterm a try.

    BTW. My favorite Ubuntu tool is SSHMenu.

    • aachleon says:

      Yeah, regarding the 2nd issue you mention, I found that to be an issue with Mobaxterm as well (a simple alt-tab doesn’t always move me off or onto the Mobaxterm window). It’s a bit annoying, but I deal with it because I still consider it a better fit to my work habits.

    • Bill Fraser says:

      Regarding the SSHMenu panel applet for Ubuntu, I didn’t see a way to specify the user name and/or key file to use when connecting to the host.

      Considering this to be basic functionality, I went looking for documentation for the software and came across the following:

      It seems all additional options are to be entered into the ‘Hostname’ field. This doesn’t appear to be a very intuitive (or user friendly) way of implementing the functionality, but it works.

      I’ve been using .ssh/config but I’ll give SSHMenu a try.

  • mikeh says:

    You might want to consider using GNU screen as a terminal multiplexer. I install cygwin locally on my windows machine, ssh from putty into cygwin, run screen locally and use it to manage all my terminal sessions.

  • richardjohnjensen says:

    I found the command center a few years ago and was already a PuTTY user. The tabbing and scripting capabilities make it my everyday tool.

    The foreground and background focus is annoying, but my workflow benefits enough to make it a small annoyance.

  • The tool really seems great, but big drawback is that at the moment, it seems it cannot work with pageant. I have also searched forum on puttycm website, and it is mentioned that pageant was supported with some of the previous versions, but seems to be broken in the recent ones.

  • John Wilson says:

    Will definitely try putty Connection Mgr, but did learn of GNU screen from this post:

  • James Clough says:

    Do any of these ssh clients have a function to search the scrollback?

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