AUSOUG 2007 in Melbourne – Day 1

Nov 26, 2007 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Monday, 26th of November, 2007.

I set my alarm at 6:30 so that I can finish all my morning procedures on time and register earlier. It wasn’t too difficult to wake up early today as I was in bed before midnight yesterday. Babette has already posted some details about yesterday and I only need to sort out my photos to add some “coloring” to it (at some point I’ll figure out how to do that on time!).

I registered at about 8:30 and went to the speaker prep. room. I was looking for internet there but…

When I first saw the label, I thought it’s some kind of a ba

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5 Responses to “AUSOUG 2007 in Melbourne – Day 1”

  • Doug Burns says:

    Penny was quite funny and entertaining. She didn’t forget to mention Chris Muir, Doug Burns as well as few slightly sarcastic comments about Oracle Open World.

    Oh, god, the less you say about that, the better!


  • I couldn’t resist at least mentioning it. By the way, I haven’t finished blogging yet so you there behave please. ;-)

  • Hey Alex,

    While you’re down there, are you going to the Open Source Developers’ Conference in Brisbane? They have some DB stuff on the schedule. It’s not precisely on your beat, but you know, as long you’re doing a cook’s tour of Aussie conferences, eh?


  • Dave,

    I’d love to! Two things you need to do to send me there…

    1. Call Olga and let her know I’m delayed.

    2. If you still alive after (1) — get confirmation from Paul or Roger. I should be able to change my schedule by few days and then maybe right to the UKOUG.

    Hint: the only chance of surviving action 1 is sent her down under here as well but then you might not get through (2) in this case. Can’t win!


  • […] years we have had an office in Sydney, Australia. Last year, I had the pleasure to travel there to present at the AUSOUG conference and work from our office in Sydney. It’s been a huge pleasure, especially if you consider […]

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