AUSOUG 2007 in Melbourne — the Start of Day Two

Nov 26, 2007 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Regardless of my unfortunate early wake up, the day started great. I spent a couple hours reviewing and tightening up my block change tracking presentation. Unfortunately, just before the beginning I realized that one animated slide was completely screwed up and I wasn’t able to fix it on time so I apologize to the audience once again — it will be uploaded fixed.

Other than that screwed up slide, the presentation went very well. I had a small room (90 people) and it was pretty packed with few seats empty so very good turnover and almost nobody stepped away even though I warned about the level of material in the disclaimer. Very brave audience — thanks Ozzies!

So I’m pretty happy about today and decided that quick update on the blog wouldn’t harm. By the way, this update is “sponsored” by Global Software Inc.. These guys provide Excell automation software to simplify access to any ERP application database like Oracle E-Business Suite. Thanks Sherri!

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