AUSOUG – Day 2

Nov 21, 2007 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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Today was a much better day than yesterday. I managed to get more than eight hours sleep and felt very rested when I woke up. Plus, my bags finally arrived at the hotel while I was sleeping, which was especially fortuitous as my “EASY buttons” were in the suitcase. Last year I asked Connor McDonald if they had Staples in Australia. His reply was “Yes, and we have paper clips too!” So I brought him the famous (at least in our office) “EASY button” from Staples.

I thoroughly enjoyed Penny Cookson’s session on Oracle 11g Performance Tuning: Making Oracle Boring. It was very informative, yet easy to follow and understand. I followed that session with Megh Thakkar’s session on Oracle Partitioning for Data Warehouses.

This afternoon I attended Duncan Mills’s session on ADF task Flow and Connor’s session “Once around the Block”. Plus John Garmany’s session “Oracle Streams OR Logical Standby, which is right for you.”

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