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Hey, I’m an Oracle ACE Director Now!

I’ve been just sending the abstracts for UKOUG 2009 Conference before the extended deadline is over and realized that I hadn’t spread those exciting news. Actually, the news spread via Twitter before I saw the official confirmation in my inbox. Well, I guess the blog post title says it all. It’s a pleasure to join this program and get engaged in its activities.

How to Dynamically Call PL/SQL Procedure in Oracle

Just got an interesting note on Twitter that you can’t call a stored procedure dynamically in Oracle from a PL/SQL block like passing the procedure name in a variable. Well, yes we can! And the answer is EXECUTE IMMEDIATE — it can be used to run anonymous PL/SQL blog and not just a SQL statement. However, you will want to think many many times before doing so… if you love your data. Let’s create the test procedures…

Pythian Video: Oracle RAC — Why VIPs?

One of the topics that beginners RAC DBA’s (along with network engineers supporting Oracle database infrastructure) are confused about is the Virtual IP usage in Oracle RAC starting from Oracle Clusterware 10g. With this videocast, I will try to clarify those concerns once and for all. I have embedded the video here in a smaller window so you might want to go directly to YouTube for the full-size version of “Pythian Video: Oracle RAC – Why VIPs”.

Sydney Oracle Meetup #5 — Oracle 11g Adoption

This meetup is focused on Oracle 11g adoption. We will have one presentation followed by (or combined with) the discussion of Oracle Database 11g release, who is using it currently – what are positive and negative moments. The presentation for this meeting is “Oracle 11g New Features Out of the Box” by Alex Gorbachev. Unlike many presentations on 11g new features, we will try to focus on a more subtle enhancements and less known new features.

Oracle RAC Workload Management: A Webinar by Alex Gorbachev

When I posted my RAC Workload Management whitepaper, it was downloaded by many but it turned out that not everyone has half a day to go through such level of details and, frankly, not everyone is interested in how those features are implemented. This prompted me to put together a webinar that does high level overview of available options to balance workload properly with Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Alex Gorbachev — Interview on High Availability @ InSync09

Following my presentation at InSycn09 about Oracle E-Business Suite high availability, I gave an interview to a fellow Oracle tweeter here in Sydney and member of the team behind The Red Room blog — Gareth Llewellyn. I should say that my dedication to the interview was very strong and you will believe me if I tell you that during that time the party in the InSync09 exhibition hall was already in the full swing. Thanks to Gareth, the interview is now on Youtube and if you go there directly, you can watch in HD.

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