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Sydney Oracle Meetup #3 — Focus on E-Business Suite

We have to limit the number of people to 40 this time so make sure you RSVP timely! We are gathering at 5:30pm and technical goodies are starting at 6pm so use this time to catch up with other members. We should finish by 8:30pm including a beaks and some post follow up. The presentation schedule is a bit floating this time. As usual, we should have some pizza and beverages facilitating seamless peer networking. ;-) In addition to the main topic, we plan to have some overview of Oracle / Sun deal and share what everyone thinks about it + report from the InSync09 conference. We will talk a bit about MySQL as it becomes Oracle technology now.

InSync09, AIA, Oracle-Sun Deal and MySQL

I enjoyed InSync09 conference and the networking opportunities there — great place to meet bunch of good old friends and make some new ones. The content of the presentations and direction where Oracle is going to provided some interesting food for thoughts on Oracle’s strategy and how it’s going to make money with all those acquisitions they’ve done recently including current Oracle-Sun deal.

Reporting from InSync09 in Sydney

It’s the second day of the InSync09 conference in Sydney — the first large-scale conference in Australia that combined user of all Oracle applications such as E-Business Suite, Hyperion, Siebel and all others that Oracle has bought in the last years. There is quite a bit of sessions on SOA and Fusion technology.

Alex Gorbachev Presenting at InSync09

InSync09 is the first conference in Australia focused on Oracle applications which in the past few years multiplied immensely in numbers — e-Business Suite, JD Edwards, JD Edwards, Hyperion, Siebel, BEA, PeopleSoft. There is also significant focus on SOA. The presentation that I’m doing is titled “Making Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Highly Available”. It’s more an architectural paper to show what are the paths and how to plan the environment for high availability and what technologies can be used. Obviously, I will touch some of the DBA friendly topics like RAC and DataGuard but it definitely won’t be focused on the database tier only. It’s actually going to be quite an experience as I’m not really an Apps DBA myself so learning curve has been quite steep. I do, however, have good advisers in this are so it should be fine.

Installing APEX 4.0 and 3.2 on Oracle 10gR2 on Mac OS X Leopard (Intel)

Few days ago, I have put together the Quick Install Guide for Oracle 10g Release 2 on Mac OS X Leopard (Intel). I did mention that it would be cool to get APEX working as well but, apparently, APEX isn’t supposed to be running on Oracle 10g Release 2 Database on OS X as few people pointed our on the blogs. However, looks like few people did manage to run APEX on 10g using Embedded PL/SQL Gateway. ong story short, I was able to install APEX successfully using the native Mac OS X Oracle 10g Database and here is how…

Sydney SQL Server User Group — April 2009 Meeting

The presentation in two parts was exactly what an Oracle DBA like me would need to have a peek into the security territory of SQL Server. I was afraid it would be really “deep dive” and assumed lots of SQL Server knowledge but I was actually fine. I think it would be cool to have a full day real deep dive and looking at what Peter was talking about, I’m convinced that he could keep going further and further into details should we give him more time.

Quick Install Guide for Oracle 10g Release 2 on Mac OS X Leopard & Snow Leopard

I was very surprised that Oracle released Oracle Database for Mac OSX, especially, version 10g now that 11g has been out for almost 2 years. There is no quick install guide for OS X but only a standard Oracle® Database Installation Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) for Apple Mac OS X (Intel). It’s fine but if you want to install Oracle on your MacBook and not for production use then you might take some shortcuts and follow a quick instructions so I gathered my notes while installing just released Oracle Database on my MacBook, here they are.

Sydney Oracle Meetup #2 — Performance Evening with Tanel Poder and Ric Van Dyke

I presented my session Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware and it went quite well and even the demo worked so we didn’t get to the fun troubleshooting experience. I love when the audience is actively engaged and presentation is not “one-way” — lot’s of fun (and spare time to refill while someone else is talking). We had a nice break between two parts of the presentation and, instead of 10-15 minutes bio-break, it turned into 30 minutes of peers networking and, unfortunately, I had to interrupt it in order to continue. Note to myself, we should plan to have more free flowing discussions and also plan small meetups directly in a pub, maybe.

Database Platform Migration — Webinar in Australia

I’m excited to announce that Paul Vallée, Pythian Founder and Executive Chairman, will be on-the-air online this week with a free webinar — Database Platform Migration: when is it strategically appropriate to migrate existing applications to an open-source platform? It’s based on our 10+ years experience supporting proprietary databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and open-source MySQL databases on the other hand and what we learned on the numerous migrations.

VMware Fusion on MAC — Shared Storage for Oracle RAC

This is not a complete guide on the Oracle RAC install with VMware Fusion but just the hints on setting up shared storage for Oracle RAC using Mac as host for VMWare Fusion virtual machines (VM’s). The reader is assumed to understand how to setup Oracle RAC and has general understanding of VMware itself. There are plenty of guides on the Internet on how to setup Oracle RAC including VMware but they usually refer to VMware Server on Linux or Windows. Please note that I’m writing it largely by memory so if you hit any issue — please leave a comment.

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