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RAC Workload Management Whitepaper

I have been presenting about RAC Connection Management on a number of conferences and I have done a white paper that is focused on RAC Workload Management. It was available to the conference attendees and now is publicly available so read on.

Sydney Oracle Meetup — The Very First

Gday everyone. This information would be most useful for the Oracle professionals in Sydney, Australia. I’m very excited to announce the Sydney Oracle Meetup (SOM). We will be meeting regularly starting on Tuesday, 31st of March 2009. For each event, I’m targeting to have one or two speakers — sometimes with a formal full blown presentation and other times with rather informal whiteboard style sessions. The target is to meet fortnightly if we can manage such pace.

Twitter — Tracking Production Actions?

don’t want to post the link to this (perhaps, it was left public unintentional?) but here is what I stumbled upon recently. This is a log of production maintenance of IT systems in Perth, Western Australia (as far as I could say): Good idea but shouldn’t companies keep this sort of information private?

Google Charts for DBA: Tablespaces Allocation

Pythian DBA’s have daily reports for each monitored database and some of the components are using charts to visualize the data. I’m a big fan of charts myself (when applied appropriately) and want to show how you can generate simple charts directly from the database. You’d be very surprised how easy it can be done from *any* database without installing any additional software or configuring something special.

Australia — Helping Victims of Victorian Bushfire

I apologize for off-topic on this blog but I think it’s important…Victoria experienced unprecedented bushfire this month taking lives of almost 180 (the list is growing) people and leaving thousands without homes. This disaster left tears on everyone’s faces even outside of Australia. If you would like to show the compassion and provide some help there are few ways. One of them is to contribute to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal 2009. You don’t have to be in Australia to do that — you just need to have a big heart and few bucks to share.

Different Technology Stacks On Production and DR?

Last week, I was at the NetApp office in North Sydney for the presentation on NetApp SnapManager for Oracle. It was good opportunity to learn more about NetApp snapshots while working on a project for one of our clients in Sydney. It was an especially interesting topic as I have some experience using Veritas Checkpoints. I learned that NetApp can provide access to the same LUNs via either Fiber-Channel (FC) or iSCSI. And this is when the interesting argument surfaced.

Oracle 10g Release 1 is Out of Premier Support

During the Premier Support time-frame, Oracle is committed to providing interim patches for the most current patchset (and if you can persuade them, even for older patchsets). Oracle 10.1 is only supported as part of Extended Support, a purchasable option providing customers with an option to get one-off patches for their critical issues.

Can Pythian help Vodafone Australia?

I can’t stand this anymore so here it goes…We have just hired one more DBA in our Sydney office (welcome Andre!) and we need a new mobile phone. We were trying to contact Vodafone representatives multiple times today starting early morning but they keep saying that their system is down and they cannot subscribe us to anything or validate our previous requests. They also confirmed that they lost many customers today — well, most of today’s new customers for sure and pissed of quite a few existing clients.

Happy New Year from Pythian Australia!

Hello everyone! Before I move to the seasonal greetings, let me share some exciting news. 2008 was quite remarkable for Pythian and, in addition to our ongoing success and growth, we established Pythian Europe back in May. To top it off, we have now laid the foundation for Pythian East Asia Pacific. Pythian Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated and started official operations in Australia this month, taking over service delivery for the region. We have a few local clients and already signed some new ones, so this is quite an exciting beginning.

UKOUG 2008 – Arrival and Tuesday

You should be able to find me in few places – OakTable, Pythian booth or wandering between the halls as well as sitting on few session. Oh, almost forgot to say that I had great evening last night and it was a pleasure to catch up with everyone at the Focus Pubs and later and the Tap & Spile. I should mention that Scottish table was my favorite at the Focus Pubs as they had the best drinks around

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