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AUSOUG Conference 2008 in Perth — Getting Ready

My session is the first in the schedule — right after the keynote. The presentation is titled “Oracle ASM 11g: The Evolution”. It will be the first time I’m presenting on this topic and, surprise-surprise, it’s almost ready as I kept working on it on the plane and in the hotel yesterday. I know, I know — having your presentation ready two days in advance is unusual. Shame on me. But I’ll make it up and change the slides completely tonight and tomorrow morning — no worries.

Oracle Open World 2008 Diaries: HP Oracle Database Machine

For those of you who didn’t see the Larry Ellison’s keynote here it is courtesy to Sheeri. We cut out the HP part but I don’t think anyone will complain. It’s not the best angle but we didn’t get there early in advance to secure the right location for the camera. Now few bits about the details of the HP Oracle Database Machine (HPODM) as I have gathered some details here at OOW. Oracle worked hard in two areas — perfection of hardware and software integration.

Oracle Open World 2008 Diaries: the X Preview

A few words about my presentation on Sunday — Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware. The hall was packed full and, unfortunately, few people were not even let it as I learned later. The session went very well and I should, perhaps, send you to other blogs with responses instead of my subjective perspective. Lots of buzz about the X key note that will be just in couple hours and even non-OOW attendees are rumoring about it.

Pythian Penal Colony: Inmate #8777984426

Long story short — I’m moving to Australia. My flight from Ottawa leaves in three hours and I’m all packed and ready to go. Today we had a kiss-goodbye lunch at here at the Pythian office in Ottawa, and I was presented my new role Down Under. Hmm . . . to be honest, I expected it to be somewhat different….

Announcement: The Pythian Group and Open Query: Partners

I’d like to share some great news — The Pythian Group and Open Query have become partners! Open Query is a leading provider of high-quality MySQL, PostgreSQL and related training in Australia and New Zealand. They offer consulting services too, and are also known for their MySQL Graph Storage Engine. Feel free to browse through Open Query web-site for more info.

Alex Gorbachev at Oracle Open World 2008: Oracle Clusterware

If a MySQL DBA from Pythian goes to Oracle Open World, it would be a shame not to send an Oracle bloke, so there I am — presenting a 90-minute session on the first day of the OOW 08 entitled Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware. I gave it during RAC Attack in Chicago and I’m pretty satisfied with how it went, so there should be no significant changes to the presentation. The session is in “User Group Forum,” thanks to RAC SIG and Dan Norris.

Liberty Medal Awarded to Gorbachev

Interesting results you can see from some low quality news aggregators Looking at this page you might think that I’m awarded with the Liberty Medal. I’ve got this link while browsing the search results for RAC Attack. I guess should ask my granddad to pass my best wishes to Mr. George H.W. Bush.

RAC Attack — Day 2 by Alex Gorbachev

Last night, I left my presentation in a good state and verified the first batch of demos — all worked fine. This morning turned into a disaster as I found out that the rest of my demos stopped working. Well, I didn’t have any other choice but to add new slides with some demo results. Since I did it in a rush, there were some overlaps and I ended up with way too many slides. Good news that the first demo generated sufficiently enough interest about services automation and connection load balancing so we spent significant time there. All in all, today’s session wasn’t as good as yesterday but I managed to avoid a complete failure with the demos so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

IOUG RAC Attack! — Day 1 by Alex Gorbachev

My session was scheduled after lunch and all attendees made it back which is a good sign (thanks to good presentations from Dan Norris and Edward Whalen). I’m pretty satisfied with the results — I was able to reproduce all eviction examples I planned from the first time and I had to skip only few demos at the end (I suspected I wouldn’t get there). Anyway, I covered all the material except those last few demos (well, the audience will have labs tomorrow and I can play with it) and quick look at the few script internals and sources but that was handed over as a home work.

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