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RAC Attack — Day 2 by Alex Gorbachev

Last night, I left my presentation in a good state and verified the first batch of demos — all worked fine. This morning turned into a disaster as I found out that the rest of my demos stopped working. Well, I didn’t have any other choice but to add new slides with some demo results. Since I did it in a rush, there were some overlaps and I ended up with way too many slides. Good news that the first demo generated sufficiently enough interest about services automation and connection load balancing so we spent significant time there. All in all, today’s session wasn’t as good as yesterday but I managed to avoid a complete failure with the demos so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

IOUG RAC Attack! — Day 1 by Alex Gorbachev

My session was scheduled after lunch and all attendees made it back which is a good sign (thanks to good presentations from Dan Norris and Edward Whalen). I’m pretty satisfied with the results — I was able to reproduce all eviction examples I planned from the first time and I had to skip only few demos at the end (I suspected I wouldn’t get there). Anyway, I covered all the material except those last few demos (well, the audience will have labs tomorrow and I can play with it) and quick look at the few script internals and sources but that was handed over as a home work.

Alex Gorbachev @ RAC Attack! in Chicago

Just a quick note that I’m going to present two sessions on the RAC Attack! event in Chicago next week — 4-5 August 2008. The event is organized as two threads — one for advanced RAC DBA’s and another one for beginners. Each thread will have one day of hands-on labs and one day of lectures. Another option would be to choose two days of lectures. More details on the RAC Attack event home page.

Alex Gorbachev’s RSS Feeds Aggregated

The Pythian blog has grown significantly since then and many more excellent authors started blogging there. While the Pythian blog was mostly focused on Oracle database just a couple years ago, it’s has got very broad coverage might be just too much for some as few people already complained and unsubscribed to avoid being overwhelmed with is a way to subscribe only to a selected category or a single author — just add /feed/ at the end of pretty much any page.

ORA-01450 During Online Index Rebuild

We hit an ORA-01450 error today trying to do online rebuild for an index in an unusable state. This was a non-unique index on a fairly large column — VARCHAR2(800 CHAR). It rang a bell. I remembered that I encountered this issue a while ago, but I couldn’t recall the details. I know that it has nothing to do with the actual data size — it’s an error that can occur during index creation.

Oracle 11g — Audit Enabled by Default, But What About Purging?

During my presentation at the TOUG meeting, I mentioned that when using 11g’s enhanced security settings or, at least, the audit setting, you risk the unlimited growth of the SYSTEM. Mohamed El-Shafie from Oracle quickly noticed that there is no auto-purge. I promised to have another look at the maintenance tasks in 11g to confirm that, and indeed, the audit trail is not purged automatically when auditing is enabled by default. Here is a quick remedy — scheduling an audit trail maintenance job.

How Oracle Follows Good Database Development Standards, NOT

This is what I found in the APEX documentation that comes with Oracle 11g, in the chapter describing building a very simple application…Making sure the database instance couldn’t potentially use an index in DEPARTMENT_ID column? Why on earth would you teach novice APEX developers such a horrible practice? To me, it’s one more confirmation that Oracle can do an excellent RDBMS, but when it comes to database applications development . . .

Alex Gorbachev at the TOUG July 2008 Meeting

Small local user group meetings have their own beauty because of the special intimate atmosphere. We expected somewhat higher attendance but it seems that people were already in the holiday mode. The presentation itself went very well and I liked my pace since I didn’t have any time pressure. I’ve done this presentation before in 45 minutes and this time it took slightly more than an hour but I was able to spend additional time on few more complex topics and explain the underlying concepts making sure we all are on the same page. I also enjoyed the questions during the presentation — always a pleasure to know which parts are more interesting to the audience and questions is one of the best indicators. Another one is when people take notes. All in all — it was a very encouraging hour. Thanks to every one who attended!

Going to Toronto Oracle User Group Meeting (June 2008)

Today I’m doing a presentation at the Toronto Oracle User Group meeting. It’ll be my first time there and I’m really looking forward to it. My session is called Oracle 11g New Features Out of the Box. It went pretty well at Collaborate 08 and I think it will be the right audience at the TOUG meeting.

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