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Pythian has 42 new ACEs up its sleeve

Pythian`s Paul Vallee and Andrew Waitman, Pythian’s owner and CEO, respectively, have an exclusive lunch with Larry Ellison at the Oracle head-quarters in San Francisco, CA. As you have already guessed, Mr. Ellison has personally invited Paul and Andrew as a recognition to an unparalleled heroic efforts by Pythian to motivate and support 42 (forty-two) of its most talented DBAs to receive recognition as Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, due to their wide contribution to the Oracle and MySQL communities around the world.

NoCOUG (My)SQL Challenge entry #2

A few days ago I learned about this year’s NoCOUG SQL Challenge and decided to to put the gray matter between my ears to work. I’ve been teaching a MySQL course this week and my first impulse was to use my MySQL VM to test my solution attempts. However, I eventually decided to use Recursive Subquery Factoring to solve the proposed problem and had to switch to an Oracle 11gR2, since it’s the only database that implements this feature that I know how to use (are there any others?). I was happy with my solution, but frustrated that I couldn’t run it on MySQL. So I decided to try to make it somehow work on MySQL.

NoCOUG SQL Challenge Entry

Once again the great Wizards of Northern California have reached out to the community, pleading for help in the deciphering of one more challenging riddle. The second edition of the NoCOUG SQL Challenge has been published and is open for submissions! This time Iggy and his ensemble came up not only with a SQL challenge but also with a brain-bender riddle that must be resolved before you can start coding your solution. Very nice!

Questions you always wanted to ask about Flashback Database…

Last Friday in the Sydney Oracle Meetup I talked about Oracle Flashback technology and how it helps to reduce downtime. The session generated great interest among the attendees, which led to interesting discussions and many questions about the subject. Some of the questions couldn’t be answered during the meeting so I’ve followed up on them and I’m posting the answers here since they may be of interest for many others.

André Araujo at AUSOUG National Conference

t’s only one week to go now and the program for the AUSOUG National Conference Series 2009 is out. I’ll be presenting on the first day in Perth (Nov 10th) about Oracle Flashback technology. I’m looking forward to attending the conference in Perth, not only because I’ll be presenting there but also because it’s my first time in Western Australia.

Free and Easy Schema diff for Oracle

This post originated from a quick discussion we had internally on how to quickly and easily compare schemas between two Oracle databases. I learned about Sheeri Cabral’s post with a quick comparison solution for MySQL databases and I though of using a similar approach for Oracle. I did some testing and it worked quite well. There certainly are tools in the market, free or not, that do this for us, and even generate scripts to correct differences. The steps below only go as far as to tell you what the differences are. However, they don’t require any additional tool and can be easily executed in any *nix or Windows environment.

Easier SQL Server Database Restores

Have you ever been asked to restore a database and wondered which backup files were available? And if many were available, which ones you should use, and in which order? Okay, this is not a difficult thing to do, but when you do it over and over again, it becomes tedious, and the automation bug in you starts to look for a better and quicker way to handle it. The bug in me found the following answer.

NoCoug SQL Challenge Entry

I love puzzles. So when I heard about the NoCoug SQL Challenge I felt tempted to give it a go. The Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCoug) has challenged us to find a good way to calculate the probability of getting different sums for x throws of a n-sided die using only SQL. The probabilities for the faces of a single die are stored in a table and that’s all you need to start playing with the problem. The SQL Challenge rules can be found on the NoCoug website, along with some other relevant information.

RML Utilities: An Internal MS Jewel for Performance Analysis

Early in 2008 I came across a toolkit that Microsoft had released a couple of months before, called RML Utilities. I downloaded RML Utilities from the Microsoft website, started playing with it, and found it quite interesting. More than one year after that, and one cumulative update later, I still find that relatively few people in the SQL Server world know about this toolkit. When I ask a SQL Server DBA about RML Utilities it’s not uncommon to hear in reply: “RML-what?” Here’s a review.

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