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DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler is Awesome

DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler is a fairly young module. It’s a little raw at the edges and a wee bit terse in term of documentation. It’s also a complex thing and, trust me, it’ll takes more than a few minutes of playing with it to get your mind around how it works. But once you begin to understand what it can do, Whoa, that’s one seriously powerful beast, that module is. But don’t take my word for it, let me show you.

Push… a Little More Than I Ever Wanted

Knowing how failible my memory is, I looked for some automated safety net to use with Git. The most obvious would have been to use a push hook, but alas Git has no such thing, and if the latest thread I caught on the topic still hold, one isn’t going to appear anytime soon. Since that venue is (for now) closed, I turned to plan B: crafting a new git command, git-safepush:

Having Fun with Logging and I18N

I must confess, that game I’m leasurely working on is nothing but a big fat excuse to dabble with fun bits of technology that I don’t get to touch with my usual projects. And in that optic, yesterday I fooled around with logging and internationalization stuff…. Yes, I know. I’m using a game as a pretext to work on logging and I18N. I’m ashamed of myself. But aaanyway, let’s see what I got to discover.

My Perl Worklist for 2011

Now that we are entering 2011, I thought I could stop for a few seconds to join the Todo meme and list what I hope be able to work on for the next little while during my spare time. So… Here’s what one could expect from little me in the new year, non-$work-related but still programming-wise:


Pod::Manual was born a little bit more than three years ago, and kind of lingered in alpha-land ever since. But now, I had the opportunity to return to the project and do terrible things to it. The code is even more alpha than it was before, and it’s now in a post-hack shamble, but at least it has been moosified and (or so I hope) pushed in the right direction.


Right now, Galuga has a widget that lists my CPAN distributions. But it’s a boring old static affair that is updated manually. Surely in this age of the Web 2.0, I can do better than that. My first instinct that to go straight for my CPAN author page and extract the information off the HTML

Getting Around Expiration Dates via Reincarnation (and Catalyst)

Web applications typically have a bunch of static files that almost never change. For all but the simplest apps, it’s usually a good idea to let the browser know that it can cache and reuse those files, so that we can all save a little bit of bandwidth and get things moving a wee bit faster. For that, we have the HTTP Expires header. Have a look.

Exporting Old Blog Entries

This week-end I finally got around importing all my old blog entries to Fearful Symmetry. To ease off the migration, I ended up writing two itsy-bitsy scripts. They’re nothing fancy, but in case they might help someone, here they are.

Your Schwartz Factor on your CPAN Page

The Schwartz factor of a CPAN author is the ratio of the number of tarballs sitting in his CPAN directory over the number of distributions. A low number indicates that it’s probably time for this author to do some clean-up. I wanted to include a periodic check of my Schwartz factor to my monitoring system. Coming up with a script to extract the information from my CPAN home directory was simple enough.

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