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dpanneur – your friendly DarkPAN/CPAN proxy corner store

There were two things I have wanted to do for some time now. The first was to come up with a way to quickly and easily set up a DarkPAN mirror so that we would have more control over our dependency chain at work. The second was to make a portable CPAN proxy service, so that I can always have access to my favorite modules, even if the machine I’m working on has no Internet access. Last week, I finally had a few ‘rount tuits’ to spend on this type of background itch, and the result is dpanneur (for dépanneur, French Canadian for convenience store). Here it is.

On the Perils of Importing Remote Tags in Git

One of the things I love about Git is how I can add branches from remote repositories in mine at will without fearing messing up anything. The remote branches will not clash with mine, even if they share the same names, because they are referenced as repository/branch. However, as for anything else, you can still poke yourself in the eye if you try hard enough…

cpanvote: A Perl Mini-Project

For many, CPAN is a Canadian Prairies-sized field of modules where it’s darn hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. While the CPAN Ratings service is the principal and official way CPAN tries to rank its distributions, for me at least, it doesn’t quite scratch the itch. Consequently, for a while now I’ve been playing with ideas on how the rating could be improved. What I came up with so far is a very minimal system going straight for the goods. And now, since I’ve had a three-day week, I decided to give the idea a try and implement a prototype.

Local POD browsing: using Pod::POM::Web via the CLI

Half the time I want to peek at the doc of a module, I hit perldoc. The rest of the time I type cpan Some::Module[1] in Firefox and read the POD straight out of CPAN. And while it’s pretty and handy, it also feels kinda silly to go on a remote server to read documentation that is also sitting on my computer. Surely, I tell myself, there must be a better way. And here it is.

Ottawa Perl Mongers Presents: FormFu Assassin

Once more, the Ottawa Perl Mongers assemble! I’ll be presenting on how I’m implementing AJAX forms in a Catalyst application, using the deadly magic of Mason, Prototype, and FormFu. Pizza will be graciously provided by Pythian. So if you plan on coming, please let me know so that I can be a good little ninja and make the number of slices match the number of attendees.

The Joy of Finding Your Code in Unexpected Places

So there I am, on my morning bus ride, reading my copy of ‘The Definitive Guide to Catalyst’, unaware of the surprise that is about to fall on me like a rabid koala bear…The script in the book is a wee bit different and has been improved upon, but its origin is unmistakable. Somehow, unexpectedly, a hack of mine found its way into publication. Fame, glory, and page 293 of the Catalyst book, I can finally claim ’em all as rightfully mine! But, serendipitous glee aside, three important lessons lie in this little story.

FOSSLC Debate: Which open source license is best?

Gowlings hosted a debate on open source licenses organized by the Free and Open Source Software Learning Centre (FOSSLC). The debate was conducted between the proponents of three major Open Source licenses: Mike Milinkovich for the EPL, Matt Asay for the GPL, and David Maxwell for the BSD license. Videos of the event are available on the FOSSLC site.

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