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The DBD-Quest of Unknown Kadath

I already aluded to the fact in a few posts already, but just to make it a wee bit more public: a few weeks ago, someone had a lapse of common sense and knighted me Maintainer of DBD::Oracle. mouahahaha *ahem* I mean, I’m honored to be allowed to at the wheel of what is one of the most venerable battleships of the CPAN armada, and hereby swear to serve her at the best of my abilities.

Bandying Tickets from RT to GitHub Issues

As the new maintainer of DBD::Oracle, I’m trying to wrap my head around the 32 tickets currently open against it. Many tickets are platform-dependent, or appear for a specific version of Oracle. It would be fantastic to be able to tag the different tickets with those details, but alas CPAN’s RT doesn’t have tags..Fortunately, with the help of RT::Client::REST and Net::GitHub, it’s quite easy to export our tickets.

The Chronicles of Yanick: Rise of the Perlmongers

As it was my very first YAPC, I stuffed my schedule as if I were a child left alone in a bakery and the talks were cakes. Consequently, I ended up booked solid from 10am to 6pm for all of the three days of the conference. Next time, I will probably go a little easier on the talks and give myself more room to attend hackatons, BOFs and whatnots. But for a first time? Walking the talks was the way to go, both to get a feeling of the conference and to take advantage of the occasion and connect all the Perl big names with their wetware implementations.

The Chronicles of Yanick: Pitch Black

Boys and girls, please make yourself comfortable. Sit back, clip your seatbelt, and relax as we ready ourselves to take the scenic route to YAPC. I’ll try to stick to a semi-chronological order, which means that I will begin at the beginning. Maybe not the beginning beginning — my youth was a fairly uneventful and boring one — but a beginning that provides both scope and a springboard to this odyssey.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s down to Asheville we go

Thanks to Pythian’s philosophy of keeping their employees on the bleeding edge of technology, at the end of this month I’ll be crossing the American borders to join the YAPC::NA festivities. Am I thrilled? Ooooh heck yeah, I sure am. I looked at the list of talks and divided them into two groups, talks I want to see, and talks I really, want to see. Here is what my own personal schedule tentatively looks like:

ASCII Interface for Games

The best way to get a feel for a module is to work with it, I decided to try my hand at a small, unassuming maze game. For the maze creation itself, I used Games::Maze, and with that out of the way, the resulting program turned out to be quite simple, have a look.

Extract the Synopsis of a Module

When I begin to work with a module, most of the time what I do is to look at its pod, and copy the code in the synopsis that I’ll use as a a baseline. I’m pretty sure there’s already a better tool to do it somewhere in CPAN, here’s my little podsyn script that does all the hard work for me.