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Chained Actions with Dancer

A few days ago, had you asked me one big plus of Catalyst over Dancer, I would have said “chained actions”. Chained actions allow to split the logic underlaying an uri into smaller components associated with its segments. A very neat, DRY-friendly ways of doing things. Have a look.

Writing a Dancer Plugin

All the tools you need to write a Dancer plugin are contained in he helper module Dancer::Plugin. To invoke them, you just need to ‘use’ Dancer::Plugin within your module — all the inheritance stuff is taken care of behind the curtain

The Guerilla Hack Chronicles: Dancer as an Ad-Hoc Web Server

Let’s say you want to serve static http content from a machine. The sensible thing to do would be to install Apache/Nginx/Lighttp. But let’s say — because of insane configuration, red tape, cruel whims of the gods — that you can’t do the sensible thing. Fortunately, there’s a few aces you can pull from out of your sleeve. One of them is to use Dancer as a spur-of-the-moment barebone web server

Instant Tweets for Any Website

Say theres a website you would like to tweet directly from. Not via a Twitter client, not using a service like Yoolink, not through a Firefox plugin. No, you really want to be able to have a honest to God “Tweet this” input field on the website itself. It’s a strange requirement, for sure, but it’s a mission that I’d been given a few days ago. Here’s how I did it.

CPANvote is Live

Never the one to turn my back to shameless self-promotion, I mentioned my blog entry and mini-project in the comment section. As luck would have it, my views were very much in line with what the metacpan cabal was envisioning, and I was told that, if I was willing, I was welcome to give it a try. As a subsequent update from Olaf hinted at, that’s an offer I couldn’t let pass. So, in the last two months, I’ve been a busy bee.

Chorus: A Fully Buzzword-Compliant Slide Webapp

Most of the time, I hack applications together because I have an itch that badly needs scratching. But, sometimes, I also build up apps for the sake of trying out and experimenting with new technologies. The process I’m following for those latter apps is what I call Awesome Driven Development, or A.D.D. for short. Here’s how it’s done.

MacGyvering a Remote Disk Usage Utility

For each of my machines I have one backup directory per week of the year (01, 02, 03, etc) and — and this is the über-cool part of it — rsync’s ‘–link-dest’ is used to hard-link files that didn’t change since the previous backup run. This means that I can have weekly snapshots of all my machines at the fraction of the space a full backup would take. Very nice. files have a nasty habit to fill up all available disk space. In my case, the 100% mark was hit last week. Obviously, I had to delete stuff. But… which stuff? Here is a way to get a snapshot of the disk usage locally, and in a format that would allow you to navigate and examine it at will.

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