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Browsing SQL Server 2008’s New DMVs

SQL Server 2008 is out of the bag and—luckily for my team—at Pythian we are already seeing customer interest in upgrading, even from SQL Server 2000 and 2005. There are many new features and there will definitely be more blog posts coming from the team regarding them, but for now, I was just browsing around the new 2008 Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), and did a quick overview of some that spiked my attention:

SQL Server COMPILE Locking and Encryption Keys

he morning begins with this page: “a large number of sessions are blocked on one of your managed SQL Server 2005.” So you go and check out the Activity Monitor, and you can tell something unusual is going on. Knowing the procedure, it’s then a matter of discarding possibilities. The common causes of COMPILE locking are well documented on the Microsoft KB, “Description of SQL Server blocking caused by compile locks”, so if you have a chance, go on and read that. If you don’t, then this is the gist of it here.