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OEM 12c Silent Installation

“What’s for lunch today?”, said the newly born ready to run Red Hat 6.4 server. “Well, I have an outstanding 3-course meal of OEM12c installation. For the appetizer, a light and crispy ASM 12c, DB 12c with patching for the main and desert, and to cover everything up, OEM 12c setup and configuration”, replied  the DBA who…

EMCLI Opens Windows for OEM Interaction

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rel.3 not only comes with EMCLI in interactive and scripting mode, but also opens ways to interact with OEM through building a custom GUI. Using Jython with Java Swing libraries can bring EMCLI usage to a new level. Just imagine developing an application that will communicate with the OMS server and…

UDM is watching you, UDMs

With time monitoring of several thousand targets of different versions and on different operating systems accumulates additional checks and user-defined metrics for specific requirements. With the presence of a dozen super administrator accounts, the Oracle Enterprise Manager environment demands specific monitoring so that checks that were customized and configured for certain targets are not lost….

Silent Installation of RAC 12c database

Nowadays everyone is installing #db12c in different variants, posting screenshots, talking about a better tool to run GUI through. However I could not find posts about silent installation of GI and RDBMS. Yes, installation without sleek graphical interfaces, just pure command line in terminal. Thinking about RAC Attack at OOW13 I decided to install a…

Duplication: divide et impera

For me, every Monday morning starts with the same routine. I refresh some QA databases from PeopleSoft production one. Even though the process is almost fully automated (all commands are automatically generated) it takes several hours to perform the final steps because DUPLICATE FROM ACTIVE DATABASE performs image copies to the destination server. I am…

Proactive FRA Monitoring Using OEM Metrics

As you know, thresholds for flash/fast recovery area (FRA) usage are set internally in a database to 85 and 97 per cent, and there are no ways to change the thresholds — at least none that are supported by Oracle. This might work fine in most cases, but being aware of changes in FRA usage can sometimes be helpful. You can then contact your DBA and suggest verifying your database’s settings.

Database Validation in Data Guard 12c

Data Guard Broker in #DB12c introduced a new command, VALIDATE DATABASE, which tremendously lightens the process of information gathering to make sure role change operations succeed. It is very helpful in the case of RAC database usage in Data Guard configuration.

Hey, Look Who’s on Twitter! It’s Our OEM!

Sometime in the near future… Finally, that day came. He was the last human being to stay on Twitter with the “others”, and he did a good job trying to keep up with “them”. But today is going to be his last tweet, the last one by a human being. No more emotional expressions, no…

Data Guard Cascaded Standby Support in DB12c

Oracle Database 12c brought more than 500 new features, and many of them are related to Data Guard enhancements. Along with overall improvement of Data Guard Broker, support for cascaded standby databases finally came with the release. Moreover, cascaded destinations now receive redo in real-time, without waiting for archived log to be switched. To configure…

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