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MySQL Recipes: Promoting a Slave to Master or Changing Masters

In MySQL–land, failovers for redundancy, disaster recovery, or load balancing are performed by master databases and slave databases, the most popular method using binlog replication. There are a couple more methods of replication which aren’t covered here. Also see the MySQL Replication FAQ. The methods are the same, but the formatting of the procedure(s) are less than ideal.

SQLserver 2005 Query Efficiency

With the new dynamic performance views available in SQLserver 2005 you can run queries which allow you to determine these poor performers without much extra work. It is not statspack or Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) or V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY (more importantly) but it is a good start to determining what sql and what sessions are consuming the most resources in SQLserver 2005 instance.

Useful SQLserver 2005 blogs

I have been scanning some blogs by different teams involved with SQLserver 2005. There is a bit of cross linking happening so some articles are repeated on one or more blogs. Here is a short list:

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