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Oracle Announces General Availability of Oracle Database 10g

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Database 10g Release 2, which delivers a more robust implementation of the Oracle Database 10g Release 1 feature set. The new release adds compelling improvements in performance, availability, manageability and security to assist customers and partners in achieving a higher quality of service, while reducing the cost and complexity of information management.

Oracle Confirms Licensing Change For Multi-Core Chips

Oracle has now confirmed that as of July 8, each core of the new multi-core processors from AMD and Intel will be licensed as if it were 75 percent of a CPU. Still, many in the industry feel it isn’t enough. Ron Zapar, CEO of Oracle partner Re-quest has been getting substantial pushback from his customers. He says of the new policy “This is a step in the right direction, but they’ll have to do better.”

Oracle Bends A Bit On Multi-Core Licensing

Thus far Oracle has been counting each core as a full processor, but now it will count each core of a multi-core chip as three-quarters of a processor. Both Microsoft and IBM have already made licensing concessions for multi-core chips from both AMD and Intel.

Database Duel: Oracle 10g vs. IBM’s DB2

Oracle believes it is winning the heavyweight bout between Oracle 10g and IBM’s DB2. “Basically, we are the gold standard,” said Mark Townsend, senior director of Oracle Database product management. Townsend pointed out advantages such as scalability, unique features like multi-version read consistency and Automatic Storage Management, as well as 10g’s ability to do database “updates” without blocking access to the affected rows of data.

Strong Result for Oracle as PeopleSoft Users Stay

Oracle’s stronger than expected quarterly profits have sent its shares up almost 6 percent. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison contends that customers are spending more as global economies grow and that “the North American economy is extremely strong and so is Asia and Britain.

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