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Why do people hate Oracle?

Philip Howard of Bloor Research examines why Oracle seems to be a universal target for its competitors. He suggests a number of possibilities from security and lock-in to ownership costs, but concludes that is may be as simple as the size of its 10g database and user desire for a “free environment”.

SAP Stresses It’s Not in Talks with Oracle

In response to the news that SAP CEO Henning Kagermann would listen if approached by Oracle about a merger, SAP has issued the following statement: “SAP is not in merger talks with Oracle, and there is absolutely no substance to this situation other than media speculation.”

Oracle Patches Database Vulnerabilities

Oracle released its latest patch update, a practice they are now undertaking quarterly. This update deals with vulnerabilities in 16 products and applications, and includes the very first patches for PeopleSoft applications since Oracle purchased the company in January 2005.

The $60 Billion Software Battle

While Oracle and SAP continue to do battle, their strategies seem to be merging. Both companies are trying to integrate software developed by other firms that complements their existing products with the hopes of locking up the highly specialized industries, and small to medium-sized businesses, that are slipping through the cracks.

Report: SAP CEO would consider merger

SAP CEO Henning Kagermann was recently asked if he would entertain a merger with Oracle and responded that he would listen, further stating that SAP executives would consider any merger offer, as long as it is in the best interest of its shareholders. According to German law, they are required to do so. Kagermann also mentioned that SAP is considering several new acquisitions, but did not give any specifics.

Red Hat Linux, Oracle Apps Travel in Style

In an effort to save money in a struggling economy MTL Vacations decided to switch from proprietary UNIX servers to IBM servers running Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The result was a potential savings of $1 million over 5 years, in addition to increased reliability.

SAP Steps up Oracle Defector Programme

SAP has increased incentives for North American customers to switch over from PeopleSoft or J.D. Edwards. As part of the Safe Passage program, customers will receive a 75 percent trade-in credit for any existing software replaced by SAP. During the migration phase, customers can also receive support for both the SAP product and the software it is replacing for an additional fee.

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