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Larry’s war: Oracle vs. SAP

With Oracle merging left, right and center, questions have arisen as to whether CEO Larry Ellison is actually practicing what he preaches. SAP Exec Shai Agassi does not seem to think so.

Oracle’s buyout spree goes on, and on

Oracle has announced its intentions to purchase Oblix, a small security software specialist, that is considered a key player in the relatively new field of identity management solutions. Many are considering this move by Oracle as an attempt to push ahead of SAP in enterprise applications.

Oracle, SAP: Upward Bound

With horizontal markets already established, analysts predict competition between Oracle and SAP to heat up as the companies set their sights on acquiring vertical channels.

SAP and Oracle: Market Share Dispute

In light of Oracle claims that they have the largest applications business in North America, this article takes a look at the North American market share numbers for SAP versus the newly merged Oracle/Peoplesoft

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