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Scalable Internet Architectures

My old friend and collaborator Theo Schlossnagle at OmniTI posted his slides from his Scalable Internet Architectures talk at VelocityConf 2009. The slides are brilliant even without seeing Theo talk and I highly recommend the time it takes to flip through them, for anyone who is interested in systems performance. If anyone took an mp3 of this talk I’m dying to hear it, please let me know. Here’s the slide deck. Let me know your thoughts.

Quick Links to Curt Monash’s Analyses of the Sun/Oracle Deal

Curt Monash of DBMS2, the database industry analysis and research blog, posted a flurry of Oracle/Sun/MySQL commentaries since the announcement, and upon learning that they no longer appear on PlanetMySQL I thought I would quickly draw the community’s attention to the thoughts of one of our industry’s most respected thinkers on the deal.

The Pythian-Sun/MySQL Partnership

MySQL Platinum Enterprise Support for MySQL is now bundled with every Pythian support contract. As a partner at the Platinum-level Pythian receives the level of support that meshes with the elite and ultra-responsive level of enterprise infrastructure management that has been our tradition for over ten years.

Is Cloud Computing a Trap?

A short post to direct people’s attention to and solicit comments on the following from someone who is admittedly a hero of mine, Richard Stallman. That blockquote links to the article at the Guardian where Stallman is interviewed and quoted. Please follow it to read the article in its entirety.What do you think?

Technical details on the Exadata Storage Server

On Darrin Leboeuf’s advice, I loaded Kevin Closson’s blog, and sure enough, he had something ready to publish. It must have been KILLING Kevin to keep this a secret. It must be a huge load off to publish this thing. Anyway, Christo has been assigned to study this in detail and digest it overnight. Expect some good analysis tomorrow.

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