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Critical security vulnerability in SQL Server 2005 announced

I’m writing to help get the word out that Microsoft announced a major security vulnerability in GDI+, a component that is included and vulnerable to remote code execution exploits in every supported release of SQL Server 2005. You can find our more about the vulnerabilities and affected products (there’s a long list, not just SQL 2005) at the Microsoft announcement here.

Outsourcing vs. Offshoring

I tripped over an old oracle-l exchange (not that old, from March of this year) and I thought it would make good content for a blog post on the critical difference between outsourcing and offshoring. It started when Ethan Post posted a link to this fascinating story at the Ludwig von Mises Institute about how the U.S. dollar’s collapse affects the outsourcing industry. As many of these posts do, the idea of outsourcing gets conflated with that of offshoring. What the author really means to say is that the “downward dollar delivers a blow to offshoring”, not outsourcing. Let me explain further. I am now cribbing shamelessly from my oracle-l post and so if you read this already this spring, my apologies.

Pythian in eWeek, the backstory

I was happy to be invited by Brian Prince at eWeek to answer some questions he had posed to Pythian, NTirety and industry analysts Noel Yuhanna of Forrester and Peter O’Kelley of the Burton Group. You can take a look at the end result here.

How Todd Hoff stoped worrying and used disk space to scale

Todd Hoff, has an extremely well-written and edutaining article about how scaling to a million or more users requires jettisoning more or less everything we know and love about relational modeling. Even though he uses bigtable as his example, in reality this approach works well with relational datastores like MySQL and Oracle too, you just have to think about your data differently and use the databases differently. So I’m including this article in the MySQL and Oracle categories because I think it would be of interest.

Introducing Pythian Europe

It is with great pride that I am able to announce that Pythian is making a large investment in Europe. As of this month, Pythian Europe s.r.o. is fully operational and we have headquartered the company in beautiful Prague. Additional offices are planned in Paris and Malta by the end of the summer.

MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control Announced, Released

Reading PlanetMySQL today, I discovered that Alex Gorbachev’s announcement that he has released the first public beta of his Oracle Grid Control plugin for MySQL was not aggregated! Knowing that my feed is aggregated, and not willing to let this news and this amazing work go unnoticed by the MySQL community during the conference (I am at MySQLConf listening to’s CTO speak right now!) you can access the update here.

MySQLConf Pythian “Birds of a Feather” Invitation

I am finally able to announce when and where the Pythian BoF session has been scheduled! It will be in the Alameda room, 7:30-8:30pm on Tuesday, April 15th. The session, titled “Ask the Pythian Maestro”, will be attended by myself and our two MySQL team leads, Sheeri K. Cabral and Augusto Bott.

Rajaraman’s First Law: More Data will beat Better Software

After the interesting comment storm on Doug’s blog when he posted some of Tim Gorman’s comments on the value of data in his career experiences as compared to the value of the applications manipulating that data, I hesitate a little to post this. But, I can’t stop myself because it’s such an interesting insight! So here it is!

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