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Calling all MySQL Professionals who use LinkedIn

I have created a MySQL Professionals Group for networking with others in the space, in the tradition of the Oracle Professionals group and the SQL Server Professionals groups that I already participate in. This is a great way to network with other professionals in your field of work. I hope you join us.

Adam Machanic joins Pythian to lead global SQL Server Practice

As of this month, Adam Machanic has been hired to lead Pythian’s global SQL Server practice and will be working out of our office in Central Square in Boston, Massachussets. Adam is in my opinion as close as it comes to a resource in the Microsoft SQL Server space that has the personality, track record and respect that Tom Kyte has in the Oracle space.

Corollary to Tilton’s law: There only is the first problem.

Kenny Tilton posted about database troubleshooting, and he anecdotally illustrates and elaborates on a law of troubleshooting that I strongly agree with: Always solve the first problem. The corollary to his law is that “there only is the first problem.” I’m not sure I entirely agree with that one, but I will admit that that corollary is true at least 90% of the time, which is often enough to make it an incredibly useful insight.

Webinar: Applying the supply management promise to IT

Courtesy of our friends at Oracle cost containment company Miro Consulting, I am giving a webinar tomorrow at 1pm EST (click this link for the time in other timezones please. The subject I’ve chosen is how to apply the best practices around advanced supply management that are extremely successful and mature in the product supply chain world to the equally extremely immature practices we typically find in enterprise IT supply provisioning. It should be a great presentation; I give an overview of the famous “Toyota Way” and cover some recent findings from the California Management Review as well. Keep reading for a full overview.

Cary Millsap is now blogging!

Please join me in encouraging Cary Millsap in making regular appearances on his new blog. Cary, my personal story – one of my first and most vivid memories of taking on a DBA role was when my mentor, Guy Arteau, bringing me a copy of your OFA paper with great awe and reverence and suggesting I study it carefully.

Springsource CEO pontificates on the Sun / MySQL deal

I’m sorry that I haven’t commented on the BEA acquisition. It’s just been too obvious for too long, I can’t get excited even though it’s really really big. Manifest destiny manifested, that’s it. On the other hand…Tip of the hat to Lucas Jellema at AMIS who posts his own commentary on the acquisition and also provides this great find where Springsource CEO Rod Johnson comments at length on the deal.

I’m not worried at all. I think it’s great that Sun just bought MySQL for $1bb

The only criticism of the SUN/MySQL deal I could possibly give is that MySQL is still on the early phase of an exponential adoption curve and I think they’ve got lots of growth yet to come. But really, a billion dollars has a lot, if not most, of that growth factored into the price already. Think of what they get, huge mindshare in a 30,000 person company with an established presence and sales channel throughout the world. They get that mindshare because that same company is one that has struggled to find the next big thing, the next huge thing that is going to change the landscape of enterprise IT. Well they’ve found it. And they’re going to get to work on making it happen.

I’ve been blog tagged – you might be next.

I was blog-tagged by Doug Burns – in his post, I *hate* chain letters ….I hate them too, I literally never pass them on no matter what vile fate that condemns me to. But this one includes a chance to talk about myself without seeming too self-involved, and there wasn’t even a threat of eternal damnation if I don’t do it. So let’s proceed then! 8 things about me that aren’t common knowledge…

How to advocate for good backups!

I try to do a decent job of advocating for caring about good backups and business continuity strategies in my 7 Deadly Habits article. But this one beats them all, have a look for yourself, it too funny.

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