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Hadoops Everywhere

We don’t pay enough attention to Hadoop. By “we” I mean DBAs, the rest of the world is paying plenty of attention to Hadoop. Recently, I started asking my customers and fellow DBAs about Hadoop adoption in their company. Turns out that many of them have Hadoop. Hadoop shows up in large companies and small ones, in established industries and in startups. Its everywhere. Let me tell you what it is and why it’s important.

Important Things I’ve Learned at Hotsos 2011

Hotsos is a blast. Easily the best technical Oracle conference. The speakers are terrific, the topics are cutting edge and the audience is experienced, intelligent and engaged. I’m documenting the best lessons I’ve learned, so you can learn too and so I won’t forget them.

Installing 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure in 5 Easy Lessons

It started out innocently enough: Two node RAC cluster on two Linux RHEL5 with Netapp NFS used as shared filesystem for all shared files. My favorite OS and storage, so I felt confident that clusterware installation will be as smooth as it usually is. I told the customer that this can be done in 3 hours. What I didn’t take into account is that this was my first 11gR2 installation, and that much have changed since 11gR1. As things turned out, it took over 20 hours of my time and a lot of help from colleagues and even former colleagues before we had a successful installation. The time it takes you to read this blog post (and any other on this subject) is likely to be time well spent.

DBD::Oracle and Oracle 11gR2 – Battle of Bits

11gR2, lib32 directory no longer exists and 32 bit libraries are no longer provided. Which means that there is no way to use 32 bit Perl to connect to Oracle. BTW. This applies to other 32 bit clients as well. I’ve heard that SAP can’t support 11gR2 for a similar reason. What do we do? Here are the options.

Failure Scenarios for your Restore Practice

I always tell DBAs to practice their restore skills because this is one area that you are not allowed to get wrong. Having experience with different types of restores give you the confidence to do the right thing in an emergency. However, I noticed that when it comes to practicing, not all DBAs are equally imaginative on what to practice. Practicing the same failure over and over is not the best possible practice. Here are few scenarios you should be able to recover from

Call for Papers – NoCOUG 2011

North California Oracle User Group are planning their 2011 conferences and are looking for good presentations! We are a very friendly local user group, so if you live in NorCal and never presented before – this is a great place to start! We love seeing new presenters and we even have a public speaking expert on our board who loves giving feedback when requested. Of course, we are nice to seasoned gurus too.

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

I give a lot of thought of what makes a DBA awesome as remote DBA, or a consultant. Based on my experience as a in-house DBA working with consultants we hired, on my experience as remote DBA for Pythian and on my observation of the amazing guys working for Pythian Consulting. Here’s the secret: You need to give the customer a warm fuzzy feeling. Here’s what I consider key parts of being effective at giving customers warm fuzzy feelings. Obviously all this applies in addition to being a very proficient technical problem solver.

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