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Oracle buys Sun

Lots of people are going to be proclaiming that it is the death of MySQL, as they did when Oracle bought InnoDB. But it is not. MySQL and Oracle may both be databases, but they are not competitors. To say they are competitors is like saying that an upscale bar and the corner convenience store are competitors because you can get soft drinks, coffee and tea at both. There are many applications for which Oracle is the appropriate solution, and there’s no reason to even try to see if MySQL can do the same job. Similarly there are many applications for which MySQL is the clearly appropriate solution and there’s no need to even consider Oracle.

Community Keynote at the MySQL Conference

I am thrilled to announce that this year’s MySQL Conference will feature a Community Keynote. This is a keynote speech delivered by a community member (not a Sun employee!) about topics relevant to us. I am delivering this year’s keynote, entitled “How to be a MySQL Superhero” on Wednesday, April 22nd at 9:45 am Pacific.

Sunday April 19th Games Day

The Sunday before the MySQL User Conference is always full of trying to meet up with new or old friends, even if your flight lands after dinnertime. With that in mind, the very first event of the week is MySQL Camp’s “Games Day”. From 12 noon until midnight on the Mezzanine of the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel (adjoining the Santa Clara Convention Center), there will be an informal games day.

Tom Kyte Video on “Why Upgrade to Oracle 11g?”

Tom Kyte speaks for about an hour on the newest features in Oracle 11g, including how many new features and enhancements there are. The presentation itself can be downloaded from Tom’s site and the video can be directly played in your browser on YouTube, the link is available here.

The Little Things

It’s always the little things in life. One of the things that has been a very “little thing” that causes a lot of frustration while writing The MySQL Administrator’s Bible is the prompt. Specifically, the fact that you can only change the first line of the prompt, but not the subsequent lines.

New England Database Society Meeting

I am passing this along — I am not sure if most folks reading this can make it, as it is last-minute and in the Boston area, but I figured I’d let people know that the New England Database Society exists. It’s free, sponsored by Sun (and has been for years, long before Sun bought MySQL), and is hosted by my college database professor, Mitch Cherniack.

Real Time Data Warehousing Presentation and Video

At the March Boston MySQL User Group meeting, Jacob Nikom of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory presented “Optimizing Concurrent Storage and Retrieval Operations for Real-Time Surveillance Applications.” In the middle of the talk, Jacob said he sometimes calls what he did in this application as “real-time data warehousing”, which was so accurate I decided to give that title to this blog post.

MySQL Camp Details and Restaurant list!

MySQL Camp is completely free, just walk on in and enjoy the sessions. All sessions are in the Bayshore room off the Mezzanine, and there will be signs directing you to the MySQL Camp room. I describe it as being like “an additional room for the MySQL Conference, but it’s free.” It also has some of the more technical, hands-on talks that did not make it to the conference.

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