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Drizzle Podcast #1

In this first Drizzle podcast, Jay Pipes and I talk about what Drizzle is and how Drizzle is different from MySQL both technically and from a community standpoint. The podcast can be downloaded (5.76 Mb as an mp3 file) or played right through your browser, There are links in this post.

Steal This Blog Post

I have been talking more and more with colleagues about the Open Source community and licenses. Zak Greant recently wrote in Free Culture vs. Fear Culture vs. Fee Culture that, “People with bad intentions will do bad things . . . often regardless of the license on the work.” And, unfortunately, he is right. If I release an article or presentation video with a Creative Commons license, it is still possible for my work to be plagiarized, and if it is, I will still feel violated. Many of us who use Creative Commons or MySQL have an Open Source mentality. We often do not see value in pirating software—why would we use Microsoft Word (a legally licensed copy, or pirated) if we can use OpenOffice or NeoOffice?

MySQL Conference and Camp Timings

As many of us know, the 5th annual MySQL Conference and Expo is happening April 20-23rd, 2009 in Santa Clara, California. The theme is Innovation Everywhere, and this year the conference organizers have taken an innovative page from OSCon and decided to host a free “camp” during the conference.

On Slave Usage

Slaves can be used for: horizontal read scalability, disaster recovery, consistent Backups. Be careful when using a slave for more than one purpose. Using a slave for more than one purpose can be done, but carefully. For example…

A Critical Warning If You Are Using InnoDB Hot Backup

f you are using InnoDB Hot Backup and a recent version of mysqld (at least 5.0.67 or higher, including 5.1.30, though it may be later versions), your backup will run fine and output OK! at the end, as it should. Except for one thing. The binary log file and position do not appear in their rightful place. Here’s a snippet of the output from the backup…The bug is an artifact of the eventual deprecation of TYPE in favor of ENGINE. There’s no reason for ibbackup to continue to use TYPE; while the product works well, it is much more expensive than it warrants.

Presentation: Partitioning in MySQL 5.1

At the January 2009 Boston User Group I presented a session on the new partitioning feature in MySQL 5.1. I go through how to define partitions, how partitioning makes queries faster, the different types of partitioning and when to use each type, and the restrictions and limitations of partitioning. The slides and video are available here.

Apparent vs. actual data integrity

I realized tonight exactly why MySQL’s default behavior of silent truncation bothers me. It reminds me of people who use a ticketing system and close every ticket as soon as they are done working on the issue instead of actually asking the other party if they are satisfied, because closing more tickets make it look like they’re doing more work.

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