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Remote connections without leaving the mysql shell

You probably know that mysql -h host_or_ip can connect you to a remote host. But did you know that you can change the host you are connected to from within mysql? The undocumented (as far as I can tell, in the MySQL manual and in the “help” on the mysql command line) CONNECT statement can help.

MySQL Unconference is MySQL Camp….

Yesterday I announced the MySQL Unconference. Some folks have asked about the MySQL Camp that both Giuseppe and I previously announced. They are one and the same. In order to minimize confusion, I’ll change things to say “MySQL Camp” instead of “Unconference”. Apologies to those who were confused!

Announcing MySQL Camp 2009

I am happy and pleased to announce the 2009 MySQL Camp. MySQL Camp is a free conference that gives the community a chance to participate without having to incur the large expense of the official conference. Community members old and new will be on hand to speak, answer questions, give advice and generally help out. It will be taking place at the same time and place as the MySQL Conference and Expo — (well, almost the same time).

Spinning the Wheel of Protocols

Today’s lesson is on what protocol is used when connecting to a local mysqld instance on a non-Windows machine. The TCP/IP protocol is used by default when connecting on a Windows machine, and connecting from any operating system to a non-local mysqld instance. I am assuming the connections are being made by a command line client such as mysql, mysqladmin or mysqldump. Connections made via connectors such as Connector/J, an ODBC connector, DBD::mysql, etc are not covered in this post.

Pop Quiz – Index length

A quiz, in 4 parts: Given the following table definition in the sakila database…Please prove your answers with examples. I’ll start off in the first comment with getting you part of the way there, so you can see what a “answer” with an example looks like.

MySQL Users Conference and Expo Keynote Idea?

I think it would be wonderful to learn about the various technologies (including MySQL) used and challenges faced by folks “behind the scenes” at (and now, since they have to keep in mind the high rate of burstiness, and of course how to scale not just for the peaks but for generally higher demand for longer periods of time, like the week before the election occurred.

Overloading BINARY

The term “binary” in MySQL has many different meanings. How many can you come up with? I have 6, but I am willing to believe there are more! Here they are…

The State of Open Source Databases: OpenSQL Camp Keynote

Brian Aker delivers the keynote speech at OpenSQL Camp: State of the Open Source Databases. The presentation begins with a disclaimer:
“There is no way I’m going to tell you exactly where the future of databases go. We have way too many egos in the room to ever even begin a discussion…” and ends with Aker saying, “What the hell does that mean?” There’s a link to the video here.

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