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OpenSQL Camp is in full swing!

OpenSQL Camp is in full swing! Baron Schwartz has done an amazing job organizing this free unconference. We are well into the 2nd session of the day, and the quality of the presentations is excellent (though I expected that!) and it is always great to see people.


The maximum length of a VARCHAR is only restricted by the maximum row length. In most storage engines, the maximum row length is the maximum allowed by MySQL, which is 65,535 bytes. Only the NDB storage engine has a different maximum value.

Virtualizing MySQL

I had so much to say in response to a recent post asking about virtualization from Jennifer Glore that I realized it was long enough to be a blog post.

Liveblogging: A Five-Step Framework for the Value of Cloud Computing

I took part in a webinar on cloud computing today, including some of the top names in cloud computing services. As Pythian has some MySQL clients using cloud computing, I was interested by the many levels of what cloud computing means, including such categorizations as Facebook apps being a part of the cloud. I think many of us consider cloud computing to mean “virtual infrastructure as a service” and overlook some pretty robust cloud computing that’s already out there, such as “application components as a service” and “software [platform] as a service”. Following are my notes..

What is an “unauthenticated user”?

Every so often we have a client worrying about unauthenticated users. Who are these unauthenticated users, how do they get there, and why aren’t they authenticated? The client-server handshake in MySQL is a 4-step process. Those familiar with mysql-proxy already know these steps, as there are four functions that a Lua script in mysql-proxy can override. The process is useful to know for figuring out exactly where a problem is when something breaks.

MySQL Magazine Fall 2008 Issue Available!

Get it while it’s hot! The Fall 2008 issue of the MySQL Magazine is now available at Issue 6 is chock full of 16 pages good stuff. Download the PDF directly or go to the MySQL Magazine page to download any and all of the 6 issues.

Open Source and the Economy

I’ve been volunteering since I was 14, and I did not stuff and seal thousands of envelopes thinking about a return on my investment. Sure, I may have been enticed by something (free pizza) but in the end, where people donate their time and money is a very personal thing. They donate time and money to causes they believe in.

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