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Exceptional Software Explained: Embrace Error – Video

Exceptional Software Explained: Embrace Error, by Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz of Asurion. One of the contenders for “best open source comedian”, r0ml delivers a humorous look at the past and future of software development models. This keynote was delivered at OSCon 2008 on Tuesday evening.

Why Drizzle? video

Brian Aker gives the “zinger” lightning talk about the newly announced “Drizzle”. This short (under 8 minutes) video captures Aker’s highlights of why he started the Drizzle project and how Drizzle is different from MySQL — both in what has been removed from MySQL and what features Drizzle can accomodate.

How Much Does a Damian Conway? (Keynote Video)

The last keynote of Tuesday evening at OSCon 2008 was entitled “Temporarily Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Timespaces…..Made Easy!” Damian Conway is a speaker that should not be missed. He spends his time hacking perl to do fascinating and obscure feats of technology such as time travel. This video is just over an hour of rolling laughter that will entertain you into realizing what a genius Damian Conway is. Now, most of my exposure is within the MySQL Community, so if folks could pass the links to the video along to other communities, that would be great.

Going Open Source, The 20 Most Important Things to Do

Liveblogging from OSCon 2008: Going Open Source, The 20 Most Important Things to Do – by Martin Aschoff of AGNITAS AS. This session is about the nuts and bolts of an open source company. Aschoff kept a journal of the key learnings of the company when it went open source, and has become a board member of the Open Source Business Association in Europe. Before deciding on going open source read this.

Why MySQL 5.1 Is Not GA Yet, and How You Can Help

Yesterday I had a good conversation with Monty Widenius (a MySQL founder) about MySQL 5.1. Specifically, about the fact that MySQL 5.1 is not a GA (generally available) release. The problem is that bugs in MySQL 5.1 are not being fixed. Part of the way a bug is deemed critical enough to be worked on is how many people are running into the bug. Monty explained to me that if we ever want MySQL 5.1 to become GA, we need to review the bug list for MySQL 5.1 and for any bugs that you want fixed, put a “me too” in there. Something like “I would use MySQL 5.1 if this bug were fixed” is sufficient.

Good SQL Querying

By “Good SQL Querying”, I am not referring to “how to make your queries more perfomant.” I am about to go on a mini-rant about how to make readable and self-documenting SQL queries. One practice that will get me instantly going on a rant is using a comma join. There is NO reason to do the following….

“It’s Not Dead, It’s Just Resting!” a.k.a., MySQL, Ethics and Death

if you’re just looking for stable, recent, binary MySQL Community release, you might not find it. MySQL offers two out of three — stable and binary Community releases. Not recent, but I think it’s okay to charge for the most up-to-date version. In my experience only about half of the production environments out there have switched to 5.0, and many are running 4.1 and 4.0 still.

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