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MySQL Focuses on Community

When Steve Curry contacted me just after the MySQL Conference and Expo asking me if I’d be interested in a community roundtable, I was excited. However, a few weeks ago it seemed like the event was more of a PR gathering than a community roundtable. I was disappointed, and told Steve as much. And then, one of two things happened…

Open Source – The Foundation of Civilization

In interesting news, at last night’s Boston Sun/MySQL event (more on that in another post), the question was asked if the panel thought that Microsoft was really serious about open sourcing their software(s) and what that would mean for open source software. If Microsoft opened all of their code tomorrow, how big of a *developer* community would they have? By that I mean, how many people would say “yeah, all right! I’m going to make this code better!” and how many would take a look at the internals and feel like they’d just been on a roller coaster? Open source is the foundation of civilization. The title of this post mentions that, and now I will explain why.

BigTable Thoughts

So, Paul’s blog post pointing to Todd’s blog post got me thinking. The main point Paul summarized was that duplicating data was a great way to scale, and used Todd’s reference to Flickr and how in their partition-by-user scheme, they put a comment in the commenter’s shard as well as in the commentee’s shard.

Twitter Should Get Back to Basics

Twitter has had many outages recently. A real “awesome lesson learned” is “do not tweak production without testing first.” In every job I have had I have first learned and then taught the concept of “test everything possible.” Which Twitter has not learned yet.

MySQL Website a Reflection of Values

I understand that MySQL as a company wants to recruit paying customers. However, as a community user I have a hard time finding what I want on the MySQL website. Today’s frustration is brought to you by trying to find the documentation.

Most Commonly Sought-After Command in MySQL Proxy

One of the most frequently needed functionality in the MySQL Proxy is the need to know which server you are on. This is not given, on purpose, by the proxy, because the proxy is supposed to be transparent. It is not supposed to matter which back-end server you are on. However, for testing purposes we often want to know which back-end server we’re on. Thus I developed functionality for SHOW PROXY BACKEND [INDEX ADDRESS OTHER].

The Architecture Layer

Contemporary software engineering models include many loosely-defined layers. Database developers might help with other layers, but for the most part a database administrator’s domain is the persistence layer. The Daily WTF has an article on The Mythical Business Layer makes the case for not separating the business layer and the application layer: I will call this merged business/application layer the “functional layer.” The serious scaling requirements posed by most applications these days call for partitioning, clustering, sharding or some other term for “dividing up the data so it does not become the bottleneck”. Enter the “architecture layer”. I hear you asking. “Isn’t that just the persistence layer?” Yes and no.

2008 MySQL Conference Videos, Notes, Slides and Photos!

All of the videos from the 2008 MySQL Conference have been processed and uploaded. Links to the videos, slides, notes, photos for each presentation are all on the mega-conference page linked to in this post. If you know of any video, audio, notes, slides, photos, etc that are not linked, please link them at the wiki page. If you can’t or won’t, please comment here and I will update the wiki for you.

MySQL Community Member of the Year Award Musings

By now it is no surprise that I won one of the three 2008 MySQL Community Member of the Year awards. I am going to detail in this blog post the secrets to my success. This year, I thought to myself, “how can I make it so I am not on this stage receiving this award next year?” So here is my challenge to you. I will open source my methods, and in return I will give $100 to each 2009 MySQL Community Member of the Year (in whatever form they want, whether it’s US cash, a $100 gift certificate, a donation to an organization, whatever).

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