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A Challenge to MySQL Employees

I present a challenge to MySQL employees who have derived tangible benefits from the sale to Sun: what percentage have you put back into the MySQL community, and how? I’d love to see comments on what folks are doing, even without percentages of money and such, because I am willing to wager that most of the folks who work for MySQL give plenty back to the community on non-company time. My theory is based on the fact that most MySQLers that I’ve met do not see working at MySQL as “their job”, they see it as “I get paid to do what I love doing, and would do anyway.”

EXPLAIN Cheatsheet

At the 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo, The Pythian Group gave away EXPLAIN cheatsheets. They were very nice, printed in full color and laminated to ensure you can spill your coffee* on it and it will survive.

The Ingres Vultures Descend

If Ingres thinks they can win customers over by swooping in when a controversy is happening, they are way more evil than I would ever have guessed. It’s not good business practice to do this kind of thing — it is cold, calculated, uncalled for, and just plain wrong. There is so much else that bothered me about the e-mail I received, so I will just copy it here for full context for readers.

A Match Made in Heaven? The Social Graph and the Database

Taking a look at the social graph and what it means for the database. The social graph; at it’s heart it’s about people and their connections, learning about people who are in your world, can be a powerful tool for accelerating the use of an application. “The social graph has transformed a seemingly simple application such as photos into something tremendously more powerful.” We’re interested about what people are saying about us, and about our friends. Social applications are compelling.

Liveblogging: Who is the Dick on My Site?

How do you prove to a website who you are? It’s not what you give to the site, but what the site knows about you! If you have a good eBay rating, can you take that over to Craigslist? What we want in Identity 2.0 is a way to make identity user-centric, not site-centric, so a person can move their identity around. How do we solve this you ask.

MySQL Charging for Features? ZOMG!

They charge for some of their products because without money, they cease to exist, and then even the free version stops being developed on. “A necessary evil” is a dangerous phrase, and can lead to a slippery slope….but in this case, I do not envision that it is a big problem. Maybe I will regret saying this if things keep getting more and more closed, but I do not believe so.

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