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MySQL Cluster Pop Quiz

If you have a 12-server MySQL Cluster with, 1 Management Node, 3 SQL Nodes, 2 Data Node Groups, and 4 Data Nodes per group. And each machine is configured to allocate 1G of memory for its function, how much data (data + indexes) can you store in total in your cluster?

Automating To Save Time

I have been automating to make the life of my team members easier. As part of the DBA service, we offer monitoring in the form of alerting, and also in the form of daily checks to ensure everything is running smoothly. Daily checks consist of things that do not need to be checked every minute, but should be checked frequently. This is very valuable to ensure that no changes get lost. A DBA might be adjusting the configuration, but forget to put the final changes in the config file. In that case, the next day our daily checks will throw a warning, and that DBA will say “oh yeah, I forgot to put that into the config file!”

Hacking Open Source

Open Source means that the source code is open. There are many inferences that can be made from this, and many stereotypes that can be applied, but in the end, all it means is that you can read the source code as well as use the binaries. One of my team’s current tasks is to restore a backup (using InnoDB Hot Backup, and compressed) from a client’s production machine to a development instance…weekly — thus we want to automate it. We got everything going well, except uncompressing the production backup and applying any logs (with ibbackup).

Why is Database Security So Hard?

I was recently asked a question by someone who had attended my Shmoocon talk entitled “Why are Databases So Hard to Secure?”. (PDF slides are available). I was going to put this into a more formal structure, but the conversational nature works really well. I would love to see comments reflecting others’ thoughts.

The Sun Comes to Boston, Join the Live Videocast!

On Monday, March 10th, Sun makes a stop in Boston on its world tour of “Mashup Meetups”. If you can’t make it in person, join us on the live ustream videocast. We will have Sun and MySQL employees present, and there will be a short (30 min max) presentation on “What is Cluster Good For?”. We will try to broadcast live on if possible.

Working at Pythian: 3 Months In

I have been a MySQL DBA at The Pythian Group for three months (and 2 days) now. At most companies that is the probationary period, and I am still here, so that is a good sign….. So, after three months, how do I like it? Glad you asked!

MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour

The March 2008 Boston MySQL User Group meeting will have a *brief* workshop on what types of applications are good for applying MySQL Cluster technology. This is a stop on the Sun/MySQL mashup world tour, so don’t miss out on plenty of swag. That’s right, food, folks, fun and free stuff! We will be meeting on MIT campus, close to Kendall Square on the Red Line (subway). There is plenty of free parking. For more information read this post.

What Applications Are Good For MySQL Cluster?

Someone asked me what applications were good/bad for MySQL Cluster. As I’ve now actually had experience with a Cluster setup and a real-life application of it, and dug through the manual, I present a few characteristics of applications that will work with Cluster, and why they are so. if you have an application that meets some of the characteristics you can decide whether it’s worth it to use Cluster or not.

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