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Pythian Offers Customized Training/Consulting Package

Yesterday, The Pythian Group issued a press release about my book, MySQL Administrator’s Bible, Pythian’s partnership with Sun, and our new “MySQL Adoption Accelerator Package”. I am not a marketing guru, but I can tell you what we the package means in terms of new work that the MySQL teams have been doing.

User Group Sponsorships

In the wake of changing their sponsorship agreements, Technocation, Inc., an international not-for-profit group, has set up a fund for user group sponsorships. You can use the button in this post to donate any amount of money in US funds via PayPal

The MySQL Bible is Here!

A year ago, the outline was being written. A lot of work was crammed into the intervening months, and I am happy and proud to announce that the MySQL Administrator’s Bible has been published, and is sitting on the shelf at many major booksellers already. The official publication date is today — Monday, May 11th, 2009 — although some stores have had copies for a week, including

What If…..

Having a company behind MySQL allowed MySQL to: attract developers, have a centralized place for MySQL knowledge, and write good documentation However, having a company behind MySQL has caused problems. As I see it, there are two problems… Confirms Automatic MySQL Sponsorship Ended

The bad news is that whatever agreement MySQL AB had with has ended. Unfortunately, this agreement has ended, so there’s going to have to be a more manual process to get MySQL to sponsor the meetup groups. At its cheapest, a year of is $144. The good news is that Giuseppe and Dups (as well as the local Sun/MySQL folks in Boston who also sponsor the pizza and soda we have) have expressed that they are dedicated to sponsoring these user groups, so nobody has to go around digging for spare change just yet. Here’s the sad e-mail I received…

I apparently have_community_features

I am pretty sure this is one of those variables that MySQL has put in as an unused placeholder, but for now, it is not even documented as unused (as are table_lock_wait_timeout, date_format and similarly time_format and datetime_format).

Speaking About MySQL

This year’s Oracle Open World is taking place from October 11-15th, 2009 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Paul Vallee noted that Oracle’s acquisition of Sun means that Open World will probably want a MySQL track, and Matt Yonkovit of Big DBA Head mentioned that a blog post on it would spread the word.