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Nick Westerlund: Narak iktar tard!

On the 23rd of June 2008, I wrote a note saying that I had just joined Pythian. Today I am posting a similar, but different, note saying that as of the last of September, I will no longer be employed by Pythian, the time has come to look for new challenges. Although I am sad to leave, I do look forward to the future and what it may hold for me.

Pythian’s Sessions at the MySQL Conference

Augusto Bott and myself had a wonderful time at April’s MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, California, and also at the coinciding MySQL Camp and Percona Performance Conference. We presented two sessions at the conference, and we wanted to share the slides with you. The first one is called Proactive Operational Measures. The second one is called 8 Simple Rules to Design Secure Applications.

Refactoring MySQL Applications: Part 1

Let me welcome you to this series on refactoring MySQL applications. I will cover best practices and useful tips, as well as show working examples of potential loopholes and solutions. Let’s start by saying that there are other ways to reach performance, but in some cases refactoring may be the only way that is possible to pursue, for one reason or another. Let’s take the refactoring way, focusing on SQL rather than applications, as there’s a lot that can be done on this side.

Initial day at OpenSQL Camp

Lots of interesting talk, mainly MySQL related, and lots of food, just like it should be. There were some pictures taken, but I’ve yet to see them online, but keep watching Planet MySQL and I’m sure you’ll see them.

DBD::mysql on OS X Quirks: Architectures, MySQL Binaries and the Filesystem

Yesterday evening, a friend of mine had some issues with installing DBD::mysql, and asked if I had encountered the same issue. The problem, as the output from make test showed, was that certain symbols was missing…If you follow the common practice of symlinking /usr/local/mysql to your local tarball installation of mysql, this symptom would not exist. But, what would still exist is the issue of DBD trying to load from /usr/local/mysql even though nothing tells it to do so.

MMUG: Second Meeting Review and Slides

The Malta MySQL User Group (MMUG) met for the second time this Thursday, and compared to last time, we had a much better venue: Ixaris Systems let us use their board room, so we had all the tools we needed to have a good meeting. Overall, I’m very pleased with this meeting, we had some valuable talks and questions raised during the presentations, and some very good company in good venue. I’d like to thank Pythian, Ixaris, and the MySQL Community team for their support in helping us.

What Data Type is Returned by a Mathematical Function?

Now, for my original purpose, I can do something like this to set my variable: SET GLOBAL = CAST(512*POW(1024,2) AS UNSIGNED); — which will work, or even SET GLOBAL = 512 * ABS(1024*1024);, or perhaps you’d prefer the more “standard” method: SET GLOBAL = 512 *1024*1024;. Also, it seems the default message for a DOUBLE exceeding 1.7976931348623157E+308 has changed between versions 5.0.67 and 6.0.6:

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