Babette at UKOUG – day 3

Nov 17, 2006 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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Yesterday I attended Julian Dyke’s session on Inside Rac and had the good fortune to be node 2 in a 4way node cluster. And Julian clearly demonstrated the importance of a good network in RAC, particularly for the internode interconnect.

At the focus area pubs last night, I shared with David Kurtz just how impressed I was with this conference and in particular how well the speakers are treated. I had always wanted a laser pointer and almost purchased one to bring with me how fortuitous we received one with a slide switcher for our speaker gifts. And the speaker lounge is very well set-up and run. Having coffee and laps tops available in a quiet relaxing setting is a very nice benefit.

Sadly, Doug Burns did not bring his drinking companion to the bar last night, so I could not get a photo of the three of us together. And Lisa Dobson has been an extremely good sport as the last two nights out drinking I was telling every one my name is Lisa Dobson so she gets blamed for anything I do. But apparently Lisa was quite well behaved

The crowd is much smaller and more intimate than at UKOUG and so I have had a lot of opportunity to network with many technical gurus and ask them a question or two about some of the technical issues I have encountered recently. And although I say the crowd is more intimate, there is definetly at lot less hugging than at a North American conference. I have been told it is a British thing.

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One Response to “Babette at UKOUG – day 3”

  • Carel-Jan Engel says:

    “there is definetly at lot less hugging than at a North American conference”

    How can you say that! I’ve never been chased for hugs as much as during this conference, particularly by specific NA women….

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