Bloggers Meetup @ Oracle OpenWorld 2010

Aug 27, 2010 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Oracle OpenWorld Bloggers Meetup It’s that time of the year again — Oracle OpenWorld time — and it’s my pleasure to announce our regular Oracle bloggers meetup again this year. We all know that Oracle community has grown this year so we expect to see folks from all the different technologies including MySQL, Java, Sun hardware folks in addition to the core Oracle database and apps crowd.

So… all of you Oracle bloggers attending Oracle Open World 2010
… you are invited to attend this Oracle Bloggers Meetup during OOW 2010 — a chance to meet your online buddies face-to-face in relaxed and informal atmosphere.

When: Wed, 22-Sep-2010, 5:30pm

Where: Lower Dining Room, Jillian’s Billiards @ Metreon, 101 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

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Street view:

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See the “Lower Dining Room” on the floor plan below and ask where is the “Bloggers Meetup” booked under my name — Alex Gorbachev. These are the keywords to find us easily.

Jilllian's Billiards floor plan

The plan is to gather at 5:30pm on Wednesday after three (or four for those of us starting on Sunday) days of intense learning. This year, you won’t need to find where to kill few hours in between of the OOW sessions and customer appreciation event at the Treasure Island — the best place to be this year is our bloggers meetup — the place where all the “cool kids” are.

As usual, thanks to Oracle Technology Network and Pythian for sponsoring the venue and drinks. HP is planning to establish a prize again this year for something fun… yes, we will again do something fun.

Last year, we were collecting signatures on our Bloggers Meetup T-Shirts so feel free to wear them this year to show your seniority at the event. ;-) This year’s activity is a surprise but if you have something cool in mind — let me know privately {last_name} at

For those of you who don’t know the history… The Bloggers Meetups during the Oracle Open World were started by Mark Rittman and continued by Eddie Awad and then I picked up the flag. They have been great success so let’s keep them this way! To give you an idea, here are the photos from the OOW08 Bloggers Meetup (courtesy of Eddie Awad) and last year’s meetup blog post update from myself.

If you are planning to attend, please comment here with the phrase “COUNT ME IN”. This will help us make sure we have the attendance numbers right. I will maintain the list here. Make sure you provide your blog URL with your comment — it’s a Bloggers Meetup in the end! Make sure you comment here if you are attending so that we have enough room, food and (most important) drinks.

Of course, do not under any circumstances forget to blog and tweet about this year’s bloggers meetup.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again this year!

Who is coming:
1. Alex Gorbachev
2. Vanessa Simmons
3. Marc Fielding
4. Arup Nanda
5. Kevin Closson
6. John Piwowar
7. Asif Momen
8. Arjen Visser
9. Kamran Agayev
10. Rob van Wijk
11. Karl Arao
12. Markus Eisele
13. Riyaj Shamsudeen
14. Mohan Dutt aka OCP Advisor
15. Jacco Landlust
16. Marco Gralike
17. Chet Justice
18. Eric Jenkinson
19. Fuad Arshad
20. Meg Bear
21. Jake Kuramoto
22. Rich (AppsLab)
23. Anthony (AppsLab)
24. Michael Aldrich
25. Sheeri K. Cabral
26. Iggy Fernandez
27. Martin Nash
28. Richard Foote
29. Espen Barroso-Gomez
30. Alex Antonatos
31. Craig S. Dicson
32. Edgars Cupits
33. David Haimes
34. Alex Nuijten
35. Learco Brizzi
36. Peter Scott
37. Thomas Lam
38. Billy Cripe
39. John Flack
40. Amanda Myers
41. William Vambenepe
42. Todd Sheetz
43. Rajendra Ponangi

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