Building a successful business is “all about the people” says Pythian Founder Paul Vallee

Jun 9, 2011 / By Vanessa Simmons

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Building a successful, profitable business isn’t easy. If you’re thinking about it, best to get advice from the “voice of experience”, people who have been in the trenches, fought the startup battle and won.

In an interview with Startup 3.0, Pythian Founder, Paul Vallee tells the tale of how Pythian started and how he built his management team by appointing Andrew Waitman, accomplished businessman and venture capitalist, to the role of CEO. Paul talks candidly about what it takes to build a successful business, provides advice to budding entrepreneurs, and shares the latest Pythian news of being named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies & opening Pythian’s newest office to bring a new wave of Oracle, MySQL & SQL Server database expertise to Toronto.

Read the full interview.

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