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Battle Against Any Guess

Greetings everyone. I would like to announce that last weekend the BAAG party was born. If you are tired of observing troubleshooting by guessing day by day, by day, by day, by … — join the forces of BAAG party. We can make a difference together! See you there.

How Not to Use Shell Commands

Here are a few nice typos that had quite disastrous consequences. After having fought some network problems to get a distribution of Oracle installation binaries from OTN to a Linux box, a colleague found a revolutionary way to unpack a cpio archive. Have a look.


I’ve never really liked the idea of REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE=SHARED, probably just because I haven’t seen much use for it. As a result, I’ve never paid any attention to it. If you don’t recall the difference between EXCLUSIVE and SHARED settings for 9i, here is the quote from the documentation.

Forensic DBA: Oracle LogMiner Helps Detect Sabotage

One of our customers contacted us to help them recover from a situation where one employee, departing the company, left behind quite a bit of hidden damage. We had an option to restore the database to a certain point in time and try to capture previous versions. Using LogMiner was another idea and, as we later saw, a superior one.. Log Miner is an extremely useful tool to investigate harm done to your databases, whether it was deliberate or not. In many cases you are able to use it for recovery too, even though it might not be directly available.

Oracle 10g Transparent Encryption: Not So Encrypted

I had been asked by a client to try out Oracle 10g’s transparent encryption. I’ve created the wallet, set it up into the sqlnet.ora file, and opened it. I initialized the certificate, created a test table, and encrypted a column with it. Maybe you’ve done the same, and thought, “now my data is safe and encrypted”. Are you sure? Did you check? I did. And here’s what I found.

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