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Cock & Lion Ale House

Doug Burns has spent 4 weeks in our Ottawa office and now he is back home to Madeline and boys. Yesterday, before he left, we had the lunch at Cock & Lion Ale House:

RMAN reports, or What Is the ETA of My Backup?

Over-the-Top Tales from the Trenches: Bringing order to the chaos of every day DBA life. Ever heard this during a recovery of a downed database? The poor thing has either a minor scratch, requires immediate attention, or is dead on arrival (DOA).

MySQL Recipes: Connections per hostname using Pager

Over-the-Top Tales from the Trenches: Bringing order to the chaos of every day DBA life. My aim in any posting is to make your job as a DBA in Oracle, SQLserver and MySQL easier. Ever wondered how to get a quick count of the number of connections per hostname from MySQL? Welcome to the arcane (but extremely powerful) world of the MySQL command line pager.

Sequences in Oracle 10g RAC

I got a call from a developer who had a table with a primary key populated by a sequence, a timestamp column with the current date and some other columns. He had a specific set of data that, when ordered by the primary key had out of order timestamps. He was puzzled how this could be. We changed the sequence to “ordered” and increased the cache to 1000. Now selecting on either node gets the next number as he expected. I warned him that there would be some performance implications due to cluster synchronization. Him being a responsive developer, asked me what the impact would be, so I tested it out.

Announcing Pythian Goodies

I’ve been wondering for a while now how best to transfer knowledge efficiently and in a fun way. Presentations are good, but they require a lot of effort in preparation and research, and they are not as interactive as they could be when the group is smaller. To answer some of these issues, I would like to introduce you to Pythian Goodies. What is a Pythian Goody session you ask? Find out here.

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